10 Alternative Ways To Give Yourself A Confidence Boost


Confidence can be a magical thing. When you have it, you can feel on top of the world. But when you don’t, and instead you’re just a little bit down in the dumps, there can be no worse feeling like it. And although we’d all much rather have days that are more like the former, it often seems that we suffer from more like the latter. Because as women, we don’t always tend to feel that confident in ourselves. And it can suck! So when you hear others telling you to cheer up or to put yourself out there, it can be super frustrating. Because you can’t just shake off a low-self esteem.

Instead, you have to work towards creating more confidence. While this isn’t something that can happen overnight, it is something that you can have – and will have when you start to work at it. And the best bit of all is that you don’t have to do any of the more generic things that tend to scare you, like pushing through your fears or trying something new. Sometimes, the way to give yourself to biggest confidence boost of all are the things you’re more familiar with. So bucking the more conventional trends, let’s look at the alternative ways to feel more confident in yourself.


  1. Wear Lipstick

We’re going to start you off with something really, really simple, but oh so effective. Because wearing lipstick can really make all the difference to how you feel. You don’t have to reinvent your look and have a complete makeover that pushes you out of your comfort zone to gain more confidence, because more often than not, it can be found in the right lipstick. Start off with a natural shade or even jump straight to a striking red, either way, you’ll find that wearing lipstick gives you more confidence and helps you to feel in control.


  1. Speak To A Professional

Next up, we’re going to get you straight in front of the pros. And no, we’re really not talking about a therapist here. Instead, a dermatologist. Because the right dermatologist, such as WestDermatology.com, can completely transform how you feel about yourself. When you feel down about your skin, then you need to do something about it. Because clear and radiant skin will always fill you with confidence.


  1. Dance

Okay, so sometimes we can all feel a bit self-conscious when we dance, but it really does work wonders for your self-esteem. So  grab your girlfriends, get yourselves all dressed up, put on your favorite frock and dance the night away. You’ll be surprised how liberating it feels to just go out and have some fun. And if you’re not really one for painting the town red, don’t. Instead, put your favorite songs on at home and just shimmy and shake until you feel better. It works – honest!


  1. Buy A LBD

And if you’re worried that you don’t really have a frock to put on, then point four is going to conquer that. Because you should definitely go out and buy yourself a killer LBD to make yourself feel better. Power dressing really can control your confidence. Because when you dress well, you feel cool, calm, and in control. You just need to find the right little black dress for your shape, and it will work wonders.


  1. Wear Heels

Next, you need to look down. Because your feet can make you feel so much better. Wearing heels makes you more confident. Period. It’s something about your posture – and being taller, of course. Even if you have to practice in some training heels at home, give it a go. You’ll find that you instantly carry yourself more confidently when you wear them.


  1. Sweat

And then, you’re going to want to sweat. Whether your low self-esteem is due to your weight or not, it’s time to get a good workout in. Because exercise improves your confidence as LiveStrong.com shows us. Not only will you feel good in yourself and enjoy the endorphin rush, but you’ll have more energy, benefit from a better body, and have a calmer mind too.

  1. Keep In Close Circles

Now we need to talk friends. Because to feel confident and content, you do need them. But you don’t need a million of them. In fact, when you are self-conscious and need to work on your confidence, you’re best of sticking to small circles of friends. That way, you’re going to feel comfortable in your social group and you’ll be able to come out of your shell, slowly but surely.

  1. Travel

Sometimes, when you’re not feeling all that confident, you often want to stay close to home. But we need to break you out of that habit. So you’re going to do some travel – starting off small. As SelfGrowth.com shows us, travel builds confidence. Not only does it broaden your horizon, but it also opens your mind to the different possibilities that are out there. So plan a trip – a visit to a local town, or even a once in a lifetime break, either way, traveling will help your confidence.

  1. Indulge

Eat the cake, buy the bag – live a little. When you’re constantly trying to restrict yourself or hold yourself back, you’re going to be damaging your self-esteem. Instead, you need to do whatever it is you need to do to make yourself smile today. Just do something selfish for yourself. It’s strange how much it can make you happy. And happiness equals confidence!

  1. Say Yes

And this is often going to be the biggest and scariest form of growing your confidence out of them all, but it often works the most. Just say yes! To something that you might not normally say yes to and see where it takes you. Agree to the date, take on that extra responsibility, go out for dinner with the girls even when you really don’t want to. By changing your mindset and trying to be a bit more positive, you can open yourself up to a whole new level of confidence that’s just waiting to break out.


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