3 Ways To Look Better In 3 Minutes

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Life can be hectic, and while fashion magazines show models with flawless skin that takes hours of makeup and Photoshop to achieve, in real life women often don’t have more than a few minutes to get ready. Thankfully, looking good doesn’t have to mean spending hours in front of the mirror every day, and a little bit of lip spread and eyeliner can be all it takes to make yourself look more polished. Here are three easy ways to look better in three minutes.

Lip gloss

Chapped lips are the most important problem to rectify in order to look fresh and put together. A tinted lip gloss such as those in vbeauté’s Lip Spread range moisturize while giving lips a subtle boost of color. Lip gloss can be applied on the go and a tube in your purse will ensure that your lips stay luscious all day.


Never underestimate the transformative power of eyeliner. Eyeliner can change your appearance dramatically and even alter your eye shape. Tired eyes can be given an instant lift, and eyeliner also makes your features instantly appear more distinct. Laura Mercier’s cake eyeliner has great staying power. Applying eyeliner takes practice, but with experience you’ll be able to line your eyes in under three minutes.


While the effects of mascara are subtle, they make your face appear softer and more feminine. Bare Minerals carries some great volumizing mascaras that can give your lashes that extra oomph. Best of all, a hint of mascara can be applied in less than two minutes. Skipping the foundation and the whole complicated makeup routine doesn’t mean you’re doomed to looking tired and unpolished. Knowing which beauty products have the greatest impact on your appearance can help you to save precious time while giving you the biggest possible boost in the looks department.

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