8 iPhone Apps Every Beauty Blogger Needs


(Yes, this is really my phone!)

Beauty blogging is not just about playing in makeup and nail lacquers, especially if you are managing your blog like a business (i.e. me!). Blogging requires organization, and the need for options on the go! Check out the 9 apps that I think you need for your iphone!

1. Facebook Pages– Ever been in Walgreens and you saw a new display of makeup? Let me walk you through what you may normally have to do without this app- take a photo, email it to yourself, post about it when you get home.Why should our fans have to wait? With the Facebook Pages app you can check messages, upload and post photos, check your analytics, change your settings, and manage your admins! If you are ultra busy, you can manage more than one page! Facebook Pages is free.

2. Twitter– We took care of Facebook, let’s take care of Twitter! Stay in the know with your favorite beauty brands and fellow beauty bloggers by downloading Twitter. Update your followers when you are at beauty events and conferences, or just pop in and say hi! Twitter for iPhone is free.

3. Instagram– Share your favorite photos and snazz them up a little bit by adding filters and captions. This is a great way to generate buzz about an upcoming product review! Instagram is free.

4. Reminders– Create checklists and notes to yourself using the Reminders app.  Need to send an email? Create a list of products that you need to swatch? Fresh ideas on the brain? This is the app for you.

5. WordPress– I will not lie, WordPress’s interface is  not all that terrific, but for basic publishing on the go, it will do just fine.

6. Chrome- This might be my favorite because I can open tabs that I was using on my computer and resume reading an article or surfing my favorite fellow blogger’s site on the go!

7. Frametastic– I know some bloggers take photos using solely their iPhone, so why not create cute collages. You have multiple frames to choose from and a few themes (very limited), but you can easily turn 4 blah photos into one WOW collage. Frametastic is free for the basic version and 99 cents for the bonus frame packs.

8. Spotify– This one is a throw in. I love listening to music when I am working. Create your own playlists, Top Ten lists, radio stations based on your favorite songs and artists and even your mood! Spotify is free for the basic service, $4.99 per month for unlimited, and $9.99 per month for premium.

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Aprill, also known as The Fairy Glammother is a beauty blogger and lover of all things beauty. She is the blogger behind Glitter.Gloss.Garbage which shares new beauty products and tips!

  • I don't have an Iphone, but some of these apps are available for Android, too. As a new beauty blogger, this is a pretty helpful post for me. Cheers. x3
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  • Todd Vernon

    I wrote a cool app for my daughter. Allows you see what you look like from any angle. It's called second mirror. Give it a try!