8 Things That I Want To Change About Glitter.Gloss.Garbage in 2014


Oh yeah baby, Christmas is right around the corner and the New Year is not far behind. This is the time in which everyone is going to be dishing out the reflections of 2013 and their plans for 2014. Me?

Admittedly, Glitter.Gloss.Garbage has been around for going on 4 years. This would be an accomplishment to many, but it’s not so glittery and shiny to me. These past four years have been borderline miserable. I put a lot of work, time and money into my blog and from my view, I’m not all that satisfied. I’ve made numerous changes to the layout, made what seems to be a failed attempt at taking better photos, and I’ve even slightly changed my attitude. These things still leave me…..dissatisfied. I’ve even toyed with the idea of deleting my blog, no not to start over, but to be done with it 100%.

I want to make 2014 about improving more, or being done. So in standard reflection, here are a few things that I want to change about Glitter.Gloss.Garbage, or we may very well part ways.

  1. Reduction in press samples– I’ve looked at the traffic, with exception to MAC and NARS and a few other choice brands, my readers have little to no interest in the companies that pitch me. There’s no way that I can maintain my credibility if I chose to review 20 different skincare brands a year and when it comes to what I get the most pitches of? It’s skin care. In 2014, I don’t want every tag you see to be press sample. If it is press, it will most likely be cosmetics. But skin care coverage is going to be drastically reduced. Nail swatches will stay where they are or increase thanks to teaming up with Janice. She may not know it, maybe I haven’t told her, but she’s been phenomenal.
  2. The writings are going to get longer– and more opinionated, more reflective of me. Again, that’s not to say that you don’t get a lot of me in my writings, but you get a lot of reviews, which is great, but so much comes to my mind when thinking about beauty in general, and I don’t share that enough. I know I am weird, but why not feed you more of my weirdness!
  3. Stop looking at my fucking traffic– I don’t care what anyone says. I refuse to continue to measure my blog’s success off numbers. I don’t care if you peg me a hater, there are plenty of blogs out there in bliss that do not have extraordinary numbers either. Too much of my time has been spent chasing traffic and social media numbers. It’s exhausting and I am over it. Sure to a certain extent these things are important, but not as important as you think.
  4. Connect more with black girls– Black women, WOC, African American women. If I say so myself, I’ve been doing a damn good job of that on Twitter in particular and I want more. I want to create more content focused on black girls because let’s face it, there’s some coverage but not enough. Excuse my lightskintedness and let’s do the damn thing. More tips, more tutorials, more looks, more reviews geared to you.
  5. Continue to isolate myself from brands that do not offer products to black women– 3 years ago, this was not me. As time has passed on, I’ve found myself getting more and more irritated with cosmetic brands that do not tailor to black women. In 2013, I all but banished these brands from my site. In 2014, I will no longer cover them at all. Not even a little bit. No. Bye.
  6. Create more community– I want to hear more from my readers, I know you exist, you email me all the time. I want to create more content that makes you want to give your two cents. I want to see more of my everyday girls. I want you to stay around. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to do that, but it’s in mental development.
  7. I want to get out more– This ‘improvement’ is more of a thought than a guarantee. With five children and a mentally disabled brother-in-law that literally flew in from the west last year, it is a financial chore to ‘get out more’. I hope to save more money into the next year so when there are events like The Makeup Show and others, I can go. It’s not a guarantee but I would actually use what I learn to the advantage of my readers. Not go to take 10000 photos of things you don’t care about, show off swag bags, and give you no information that you as a reader and consumer want and need.
  8. Mentor more– I’ll make this one short. I have a group that I run to mentor bloggers, but because I’ve seen chasing pavements for the past year, I don’t put in enough time there. I plan to put in more time and make the group more productive and successful. I may even find a lane to consult bloggers for a fee, of course tailoring to beauty bloggers in particular. It’s a lot that most don’t know, and will never be told. I’ll tell you.

So there it is. I’ll just leave this here.

Do you have any constructive criticism for me? Thoughts about the site? Things that you want to see changed? Seriously let me know. But be gentle. Ok well you don’t have to…

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