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If there was a moment in time that you could relive over and over, what would it be? Me? It would probably be the day I got married.

Me and Richard? We were broke, misguided, and slightly irresponsible.  We had already taken the blood tests and applied for everything; us getting married was not a thing that was just set in stone. There were no plans for a wedding, no invitations, no dress and not a dime for a honeymoon. August 20, 2004, we just got it and did it.

He was supposed to be at work, that was day off from work.  It was a beautiful Friday but it was intolerably hot outside, the summers back then were brutal. I put on a pair of bootcut jeans and a t-shirt, he had on a khaki Dickie’s suit (those were ‘in’ back then), and we left our little apartment. Dropped the kids off at school, had a little breakfast and went in for the kill. Or should I say the marriage.

The emotions I went through during that little time period waiting on a judge were undeniably great. I was soaring yet apprehensive, I was happy yet nervous, my stomach was turning in knots. But around noon that day, in a judge’s chamber, it happened. I was Mrs. Coleman. No one was there, just me and him.  It’s a time that I could relive over and over. I would love to feel every emotion I went through back then. I would love to see that look he gave me when we were pronounced man and wife. Those were good times.


It’s moments like these that make the movie About Time special. About Time – A film from Richard Curtis, the creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, is about a guy named Tim that at the age of 21, discovers that he can travel in time and change what happened in his life. He uses this gift to snag a girlfriend, but thanks to his gift, he discovers that maintaining the love of his life is not going to be easy.

There’s a scene in the movie where Tim and Mary get married. The undeniable joy they had for one another resonates with me because that’s how we felt.

Check out the movie trailer for About Time.

About time will be in theaters 11.8.13. Critics are already calling About Time “the first must-see movie of the fall” and “easily the most heartwarming, feel-great film of the season.”

If there was a moment in time that you could relive over and over again, what would it be?  Would you change anything about that moment?

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