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Planning a wedding is one of the more difficult things you can do as an adult. Don’t misunderstand, getting married itself is well worth the stress of the run-up. It’s just that you’ll find yourself occasionally doubting that. So why on Earth would anyone want to make it more complicated by throwing in a geographical curveball?

You may well ask that, but people do it. And there is an answer, too. Destination weddings may seem from the outside to be more complicated, but when you think about it, they remove a lot of the issues.

Should it be on “home territory” for the bride or the groom? Why not make it neutral?

Worried about sorting out the legalities? Almost all destination weddings come with an organizer who will get it all done for you.

Don’t know if your wedding party should be 100, 150, 200 people? A destination ceremony thins it right down to people who want and need to be there – and it’s easier to ensure they’re all on their best behavior.

So with those questions answered, the next one is simple. Where?

The answer is simple, as long as you have the answer to another: When? Pick a wedding destination by season to get the best ceremony imaginable.

Summer? Try Cabo!

A famous paradise destination for holidaymakers, Cabo is increasingly popular for wedding parties. The weather can be guaranteed to be wonderful, the scenery a perfect setting for your wedding snaps. Thanks to a burgeoning industry in the area, it’s easy to get help planning a destination wedding in Cabo. Not to mention that your guests will be eternally grateful.

Spring? Check Out Slovenia!

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If you want beautiful views wherever you look, Slovenia is a place to go at any time. But if it’s a destination for a wedding you’re after, then the banks of Lake Bled are perfect, especially in the full bloom of spring. It’s dotted with wedding venues, and the planners will work hand in hand with you all the way as you prepare to get married among postcard perfection.

Fall: The Maine Event!

If your preference is a domestic location, then there is a lot to be said for Autumn in Maine. The leafy magnificence of the state is something to behold all year round. In Autumn, though, it becomes a splash of color that you’ll be amazed is natural. Book as early as possible – a lot of people will have the same idea!

Winter: Iceland Means Drama

TV shows, music videos and more besides have brought Iceland into the center of people’s attention. This has allowed us to gaze in wonder at its breathtaking mountains and rock formations. It fails to do justice to the incredible charm of Iceland at ground level.

If you’re having a winter wedding, plan it here. The legal requirements are incredibly simple, the people and officials unfailingly pleasant to deal with. As a side benefit, by marrying in winter, you’ll be able to witness the Northern Lights at their brightest. Who else has that in their wedding album?

Image Credits: Cabo / Slovenia / Maine / Iceland

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