Beauty On A String: Argan Oil

Admit it, Argan oil is new-found and very popular. Depending upon what brand you buy and the purpose of buying the oil, it can get expensive. You want to condition your hair skin and nails; here is what I purchased before discovering our Argan Oil on a string:

Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil- If you are looking for paraben, sulfate, and a whole host of other ‘toxic chemical’ free ingredients, then this is the Argan oil to purchase. I purchased this because I wanted Argan oil for my skin and what I was using was not appropriate because it contains silicones, and that is not good for the skin. For the average woman (in this economy), $48 for a 1.7oz bottle of oil for the skin is expensive! In addition, it can double for hair oil, but if you are trying to use it in the hair and on the skin, you are going to pay $96 for the 4oz bottle and that is just too much!

One and Only Argan Oil– This is sold only at Sally’s Beauty Supply (I think), it is $10 which is affordable, but you can only use this on the hair. This, like a few other affordable Argan oil treatments are affordable because they are heavily diluted with silicone. In addition to all that silicone, it is packed with perfumes. Now me personally, I do not care if a product has perfume in it, but it is mandatory that it be very light. One and Only smells wonderful, but it is too strong.

Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil Line – Now, if you read my review, you know that I like this stuff! The perfume is not heavy, BUT it is full of silicone and mineral oils (depending on what product you are using in the line).  I was having a discussion on Twitter just today about the cons of mineral oils in African American hair care products. Me personally, I do not care that much. Some people do however, so I just wanted to make sure you understand what’s in their stuff.  With that being said, you can’t use it on your face, because of the silicone and the mineral oil.

So let’s calculate shall we?

Let’s say that you only want the use the Josie Maran for face, that’s $48

Add One and Only Argan oil for the hair, that’s $10

And you come up with the grand total of $58

Let’s find a cheaper solution shall we?

How about $6.99 for both in a pretty decent sized bottle?

Proclaim Natural 7 Argan Oil

Hair oil treatment+oil for the skin+great oil for the nails!

Proclaim does everything that the above products do for well over half the cost.  There is no mineral oil, no silicone, 100% vegan, and paraban free.  It is a triple threat that works great on the hair, skin, and nails. According to Proclaim:

Hair: As a hot oil treatment, heat Natural 7 Oil with Argan Oil in a container of hot (not boiling ) water for 2-3 minutes. Massage evenly into scalp and hair. Cover with warm moist towel or a processing cap for 3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water. Use as a Braid Oil to keep scalp from drying and braids looking fresh.

Skin: Use as a moisturizer after shower on damp skin. Great for softening beards before shaving. Add to bath for all over body softening. Use as massage oil to soothes dry skin and relax muscles. Smooth on feet or any other areas of dry skin.

Nails: Massage into cuticle daily to prevent dryness and stimulate nail growth.

Get’s no better than that right?

Proclaim can be found at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.99

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