Beauty On a String- Four Products Under $25 Bucks Infused With Diamonds Or Pearls

Let’s face the facts- it’s a recession, and no one has the money to pay for these elaborate treatments that contain diamond dust and crushed pearls. You have the nail lacquer for $250,000 with real black diamonds, but us poor ladies need an alternative. Check out my list of four products under 25 bucks that contains diamonds, or pearls…. or both!


Calgon Ageless Bath Collection $6.49- Have you had your pearl power bath today? With a very affordable six buck pricetag, why not scrub the signs of aging away? Ageless Bath promises to give you soft, smooth, radiant skin while providing the most relaxing bath ever.

OPI DS Collection $12.99- Fall 2012 gave us new additions to the OPI DS Collection with two new additions, DS Indulgence and DS Luxurious. OPI promises the lacquers are infused with diamond dust to provide a shine factor that glitter just cant compete with!


Seksi Pearl Infused drink $2.99- It’s all pinky up everything for this pearl infused drink that promotes skin clarity and a healthy complexion while maintaining and enhancing your youthful glow. And with a price tag of $2.99 and the promise of a pleasant taste… who knows?


TIGI Diamond Dreams (prices vary) – Of course TIGI has to take the cake by giving you diamond dust, crushed pearls, cashmere, and champagne; all infused into one might shampoo and conditioner with the promise to give you uberly posh and shiny hair.

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