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Aprill, also known as The Fairy Glammother is a beauty blogger and lover of all things beauty. She is the blogger behind Glitter.Gloss.Garbage which shares new beauty products and tips!

  • Loving these posts Aprill! Thank you for including me 🙂

  • Looking gorgeous Brittney! 🙂

  • The lipstick look great on you 🙂

  • Brittany

    I love that you are showing red lipstick on all different kinds of girls. I’ve always shied away from it because of my pale skin, but maybe even I could pull it off?

  • Carissa

    Love it! Red looks so amazing on you!

  • Bridget

    That is a great shade for her! It can sometimes be hard to find the right shade, but once you find it, it is so good 🙂

    Happy SITS day!

  • Becky Gall Hardin

    beautiful! I’m always afraid to go red. i’ll have to try!

  • Bev F.

    What a cool feature! I have tried red lipstick a few times, and while i like how it looks, I always seem to get it on my teeth!

  • I have been wanting to start wearing bright red lipstick! Some girls can pull it off and look so classy! I normally wear nude or a plum color but I may just build up the courage and wear it out soon! What do I have to lose?! haha

  • Bev @ Blogging Inspiration

    I don’t think I’ve ever worn bright red lipstick. Suddenly I have the urge to go out and buy some 🙂 Very inspiring pics!

  • ARod@MakinMyAptaHome

    you wear it well looks great on you

  • Oh how I wish I could wear red lipstick. I love it, but I look horrible wearing it.

    Stopping by from the SITS share fest.

  • lelerz03

    I love it! It’s a beautiful shade of red!