Celebrating Your Man’s Big Birthday

Some birthdays definitely hold a lot more weight than others. The first birthday since you got together, the first birthday since tying the knot, the thirtieth, the fortieth and so forth. To keep your man’s mind off just how much he’s aging, you should go the extra mile to make those really special birthdays special.


Have a whole day of his favorite meals

If you don’t know his favorite foods, then you better take a couple months to ask him a little question every now and then. His favorite breakfast, his favorite dinner, his favorite dessert. A restaurant meal can be nice and all, but the heartfelt step it takes to prepare a whole day of the most indulgent taste experience for him is something he’s going to be singing your praises for in months to come. It’s also a nice little way to show that you do, in fact, pay attention to him.

Have an out-of-this-world party

The day should include more than just you, of course. It should be an opportunity for everyone to get together and show their appreciation for him. If you want to keep it a surprise, you should consider getting a little more help in organizing, too. For instance, you could get his own family members involved and get together with them and a party hire team to set the party up away from the home so he won’t be stumbling in on the preparations. A professionally set up party is going to make sure that everyone is well catered for, as well, so it takes the stress off you and lets you enjoy it with your man.


Take a trip down memory lane

A good birthday should be a celebration of a person’s life. That means you should consider thinking about some of the big moments in his life. What are the days he would like to relieve? What are the days he’d rather forget but would make a funny embarrassing story (but not humiliating, important distinction)? Old photos, stories shared from old and current friends alike, make the day about celebrating his whole life, not just the day.

Make room for a bit of soppiness

The wedding day might very well be included in that celebration of the past, but you might want to save a little extra for when the two of you are alone. Before you get any ideas in your head, we’re talking about really telling him what he means to you. When you have a truly good man, he deserves to know about it. To that end, consider putting together a simple heartfelt list of why you’re grateful for him and give it to him. If you’re a little shy about it, you don’t have to read it out, but leave a note. Everyone needs to be told why they’re valued from time to time.

A birthday is more than a one-sided celebration of someone’s big day. Sure, it’s all about him today, but it sets the tone that the two of you are all about one another. It creates a relationship where attention is given where attention is deserved and simply makes the two of you happier together.


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