Changing The Flow Of Things……

I’m becoming bored with blogging about just beauty… hear me out:

1. My placement in the beauty niche is not strong- That’s not to say that I suck, but it’s more like… If there are 10399494 bloggers talking about product X, if I cant produce a spin that makes me comfortable with blogging about it, I am not going to waste my time. I am working on making my voice on the web as unique as possible, and I cant do that posting the same press releases as 12003923 other beauty bloggers.

2. I am not personal enough- Really what do you guys know about me? I don’t let enough of my personality flow freely and that’s something else that I want to change. I am such a bitch and you guys really don’t see enough of that. No, this does not mean that my blog is about to take a vulgar turn for the worse, but at the same time, I tried the passive route. #FAIL I am a great person really, I am kind, and giving, and helpful and sarcastic, and evil and my brain is one big mass of constantly farting grey matter. You are missing out. I don’t want you to anymore.

3. My pictures are crappy and I plan on embracing that- Man over the past 3 years, I have done everything in my power to make my photos look good. I’ve made well over 10 light tents, bought 4 cameras, one was given to me by a friend, and no matter what I do, the photos are not coming out right, and I if it don’t make sense get rid of it! This does not mean that I will never take photos again, but what this does mean is that I am going to be more content oriented. I do not want photos to be my strong point, I want the words to matter.

4. I will admit it, I’ve been too focused on numbers- When you decide that you want this beauty blogging thang to be serious, yanno like going steady with the most popular guy in school, that means striving to look the best. In this niche, it may or may not mean numbers are important. With that being said, I am over numbers. Alexa Rank, Compete, Google Analytics, Page Rank, How many subscribers, Feedburner, Google Friend Connect…. Bloglovin’, the other one, and the other one, and the damn other one…

Let me tell you why I am over the number game- because the numbers are failing. First there was Google Friend Connect, I was obsessed with gaining followers with it. Companies were telling me they didn’t want to work with me unless it was a certain number, a year later, I got it up to that target number, only for this company to tell me they have changed their policy, and now they wanted more. And you know what happened? Four months later, Google Friend Connect was no longer servicing WordPress hosted sites. That was my sign, but I kept going- in walks Feedburner. They are shutting down now… that’s my sign to get my nose out of the numbers and into the content. I moved my focus into Facebook and my fan page, only for Facebook to decide that if someone wants to read our content, WE THE BLOGGERS have to pay for it. WHAT THE FUCK!?

I spent last week clocking how much time I spent a day chasing stats and numbers and to be honest, that’s 2-3 articles a day that I could have written to you, my readers.

5. With that being said, if I cant be focused on the numbers, that also means that I cant be a slave to PR.  Again, this does not mean that I am throwing up the middle finger to them, there are some brands that I would love to work with, but if all they are looking for is numbers, why bother?

When I have the money, I will buy what I want. If I don’t have the money, then I will dream. I am grateful for the relationships that I have built over the years and I plan on keeping those relationships strong, by producing better content.

Day after day after day I have worked my brain to the core to figure out where I am failing… it’s simple, crystal clear- CONTENT. Stick with me kids, it’s gonna get better.

Thank you, to the few of you that have stuck by me all this time. I appreciate you. It’s time to spread my fat floppy wings and fly… and by fly I mean produce better content. And talk about whatever is on my mind, about beauty and otherwise

<3 Love,


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