Cosmetic Launches I Look Forward To Seeing In 2014

2014 is not only going to be about Glitter.Gloss.Garbage making new moves, it’s also going to be about the new beauty products (more importantly).  So many brands have been posting previews over the past month, and the rumors are also out and about.  It seems like all my favorite brands have something new coming into the new year and I’m ready!

Milani’s well.. EVERYTHING


liquid lip

matte blush

Credit: Milani Cosmetics Instagram

Milani Cosmetics has been such a tease on Instagram! New lipsticks, new lipglosses, new MATTE blushes, new nail lacquers, new lipliners, new everything! I need them all!!

MAC Cosmetics x Disney Maleficent Collection


MAC is collaborating with Disney again to create the Maleficent collection. I predict this collection will be a tad more grownup than the last, with at least one red lipstick, smoky shadows and liners, and a bad ass mascara. I can dream right?

NARS Multiple (Mattes?)


This is borderline rumor, borderline confirmed? Everyone has been piecing the cosmetics used during Fashion Week together and it’s been said NARS will release a line of matte textured multiples.  This is like mixing cookie butter and ice cream together- dangerous and exciting. I cant wait and I hope there’s one good bronzer that I can make my summer must have!

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick

(no photo available)

It’s been quite some time since a drugstore brand has created some really good blush sticks, and I think Maybelline is going to set the bar really high. From the looks of things, they look very smooth, creamy and well pigmented. Lucky for you guys, I will actually have these babies in my hands really soon!

Maybelline The Buffs Lipstick

(no photo available)

Maybelline has always been great about creating lipsticks of all color ranges. Maybelline always had a set of nudes in the Colorsensational  collection, but it’s clear they want to come into 2014 with a bang with The Buffs. The Buffs collection features 8 shades, all nudes for all skin tones. I got Leticia to pick up six of them for me, the lightest two were just not my cup of tea. Wayyyy to light!

At the present time, this is all that really excites me. I know over time there will be more and more collections, and until then, we wait!

So tell me, what collections being released in 2014 do you look forward to seeing?

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