Restoring Faith In Your Shower Cap


How could something so small be so important? Well it’s getting cold outside again (or at least in the United States) and all that cold air means dry air. Dry air and hair are not friends. It’s essential that you maintain healthy shiny hair during winter. So here’s the shortest tutorial ever about how to use your shower cap to have the best hair ever! Your shower cap is worth more than making sure your hair does not get wet. Use it wisely!

1. Apply your favorite deep conditioner. I recommend nuNAAT Karite Special Deep Conditioner. I use this product to deep condition after I relax or color my hair.

2. Warm your hair with your blow dryer

3. Put your shower cap on

4. Let the conditioner stay on for 20 minutes or longer

5. Rinse and style as usual

Using a shower cap uses the natural heat from your body to make the treatment thinner which means it will soak in your hair easier. The humidity will also help because it will open the hair cuticles, causing more product to absorb even better.

Meet my shower cap, I got a very very long time ago from Benefit. She’s reliable and still going strong. And here’s my favorite deep conditioner from nuNAAT. This is really great for dry and damaged hair.



Big thanks to Philip B, Hollywood’s hair treatment expert, for these tips to make your shower cap useful again!

Do you have a shower cap? What’s your favorite deep conditioner.

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