Evelyn Lozada Releases A ‘Cosmetics Line’ Do We Care?

…..And I use the term ‘cosmetics line’ loosely…..

Evelyn Lozada, reality personality and star of VH1’s hit series Basketball Wives and brand new VH1 show, Ev and Ocho, has announced the launch of her new cosmetics line, “E” by Evelyn Lozada, the go-to brand for high-performance beauty products at amazingly affordable prices.

Known for her shimmery eye shadow, “E” by Evelyn Lozada is heavily inspired by the trendsetting beauty and style that Lozada possesses on screen. “E” by Evelyn Lozada features a collection of professional shadow palettes that Lozada uses to create her own looks.

The beauty brand will launch a full collection of eye-shadows, powder pigments, blushes, bronzers, lipwear, lipgloss and nail polish highlighting makeup trends that fans have had the pleasure to see Evelyn Lozada wear. The line will also carry “E”- Collections specialty items featuring a 28-color Cosmopolitan shadow palette with a stunning rhinestone encrusted metallic pink shell and Blizzard a 28-color cool shadow palette with a gorgeous metallic mirrored shell and much, much more.

Ready for a good laugh? Check out the pics-








Oh look! It’s premade palettes from Coastal Scents and BH cosmetics! I imagine that she will charge more than the standard $17.95 because she threw an ‘e’ on them but come on. As a beauty enthusiast, I am not excited or even very enthusiastic about this ‘collection’.

I think the basketball wives culture has given us enough tacky earrings and now they think because they hail in wearing heavy caked makeup that it’s time to jump in the cosmetics business. Thanks, but no thanks.

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  • *epic side eye* Id rather buy Jen's lip gloss

  • This is a joke right?! Is there really more to say? I mean it looks like she ordered a lot of unmarked palettes from ebay/costal scents/BH and slapped her raggedy sticker on top…but she's classy tho! This gets the monumental side eye…smh

  • Evelyn Lozada Releases A 'Cosmetics Line' Do We Care? – Glitter …: And I use the term 'cosmetics line' loosely… http://t.co/5cIhlAWz

  • Evelyn Lozada Releases A 'Cosmetics Line' Do We Care? – Glitter …: Evelyn Lozada, reality personality and star… http://t.co/YNgDBRsa

  • Angie

    That is the same hot mess she wears on the show. Stick to CoverGirl ladies!

  • You can get those palettes of eBay for like $8 including shipping! I hate those palettes, every company seems to 'release' those and think we're to dumb to realise that it's Chinese wholesale.

  • TexLex86

    THANK YOU. Someone with some sense. You can get these from Chinese wholesale. Or sedonalace.com. And she got the nerve to be charging more. They was trying to throw shade on Jennifer's line. Ev, you are not fooling anyone.

  • Sandra

    I would,nt buy anything this low life tacky suppose to be woman put out. Aftre watching her on the show baskeball wives she is ungly and so is the makeup. Buy from Jennifer.

  • I wasn’t too impressed. It reminds me of those make up advertisements I get with my credit card statement at times. It look childish. Something I would buy as play makeup for one of my nieces.

  • makeup_junkie88

    Her make up line is very good the eyeshadows are very high pigments so u dont need a lot to get the look you want….and the same manufacture that makes MAC products produces Evelyn's product…and what does her being on a reality show have to do with her makeup line…and the same people that a bashing her u probably wouldn't watch the show if she wasn't on there ijs

    • locosmith2005

      Please check out the coastal scents and bh cosmetics website

    • Angela

      These Are Not MAC products or from the manufactures of MAC products.. Stop listening to Tami Roman

    • XXXDijon

      MAC cosmetics is in no way affiliated with the E by Evelyn make line. Her products are manufactured by Crown Brush. If you visit the Crown Brush website you will find the exact same products for much cheaper prices, and they also offer a service called “Private Labeling”. Which means that for $25 you can upload your own logo and have it printed on the product of your choice.

  • locosmith2005

    I thought my computer was tripping and redirecting me to the coastal scents website and Tammi says the same people that make Mac makes Evelyn's makeup

  • Mai

    Am I the only one who hopes this line flops? For a few reasons…

    1. Evelyn is such an ugly person on the inside. She is filled with so much hatred and self-loathing that it saturates everything she does.

    2. Does the world really need another Coastal Scents knock-off? Seriously! Evelyn knows she is dead ass wrong for this mess. Anyone who knows their makeup knows that this is re-packaging of the same old mass produced chalky makeup pushed by Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, and all of those ebay retailers. It is clear that absolutely zero research and even less planning went into this.

    3. It is clear that Evelyn is doing a piss poor job of trying to knock Jennifer's hustle. Now don't get me wrong…Jen's Lucid Cosmetics' website is bootleg as hell, but it is still originally hers. Evelyn wasn't even thinking about makeup until her and Jen fell out.

    4. The name "E" by Evelyn almost makes me laugh as hard as "She" by Sheree.

    • Anisa


      thank u!

  • Gabbi

    YIKES, there is a LOT of shade on here for her line. Apparently her line is doin well so someone likes it ツ

  • wrkn woman

    Most of you sound like haters, stop knocking some ones hustle if you don’t like her line don’t buy it. You don’t know anything about the owners of any other make up line they might be ugly on the inside as well so how you feel about her has nothing to do with it she a woman trying to make a living