Eyes Lips Face Studio Lip Exfoliator Review

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Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Studio Lip Exfoliator is a fresh new way to exfoliate your lips in a convenient lipstick form. ELF Lip Exfoliator is infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba oils to give the lips maximum moisture. Sugar is the exfoliant found in this tube to destroy dead, dry skin on the lips.

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The packaging is very sneaky because at first look you would think you are purchasing a lipstick. Remove the cap to reveal a gritty brown substance suspended in a cloudy shaded base. The exfoliator has a warm nutty smell and a sweet taste (dont ask).

Application is very easy. I simply rubbed it all over my lips, kinda like applying a lipstick, paying close attention to the extra dry areas on my lips. After about one minute of exfoliating, I used a wash cloth to remove the grit and excess oil from my lips. I followed up with a lip balm and TADA! Exfoliated, moisturized lips.

ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator is an awesome exfoliant for the lips and more convenient if you are not a fan of mixing sugar and olive oil. It is also more hydrating because of the higher concentration of oils.

Eyes Lips Face Studio Lip Exfoliator retails for a hot $2. I picked mine up from Walgreens, but you can also snag them from the ELF website and check Target.

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(As you can see, it’s totally clear in color!)

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  • I was checking this out the other day at Target and wondered if it was a good product. I think I may have to go pick it up, as it sounds pretty dreamy and wayyyyyyy less cheaper than my Fresh Lip Scrub. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Never a problem! <3

  • Anastasia

    This lip scrub is wonderful, I tried several more expensive ones and always keep coming back for my tried and true e.l.f.

  • $2?! SOLD!

  • Nidia Doherty

    I’m more and more impressed with the ELF line. This sounds like a great alternative to DIY!

  • Amber

    I love the ELF exfoliator! I use it when I’m too lazy to do my coconut oil/sugar mix lol.

  • I need to try it!

  • I love seeing reviews on this. I need to write this ELF stuff down lol I always see it at Target then have no idea what I wanted.

  • I’ve passed by this one a million times and have always had it on my “to try” list.

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Well dont do that!

  • beautybymissl

    I have been thinking about ordering this one, but still haven´t. I guess I should purchase it next time I see it!

    • GlitteryGlossy

      You should!

  • I used to have the one from MAC like this! I loved it!

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I forgot MAC had one!

  • I liked this one but sometimes it was hard to break down the outer layer to get to the good exfoliating stuff

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I actually ‘loosened’ mine up a little bit by rubbing it on a textured surface.

  • Betzy Carmona

    I’ve heard nothing but good things on this product

  • This looks so interesting! Will definitely check my local target!

  • Kelly R

    This sounds like a great product! I will have to look for it.

  • Aleya Bamdad

    After a winter like this one I think I should pick one of these up.

  • Does it say what the beads are made from? With the whole microbead debacle it’s now the first thing I want to know about an exfoliating product.

    • GlitteryGlossy

      No beads, just sugar.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I’ll have to check this out! I need a decent lip exfoliator

    • GlitteryGlossy

      You will love this one!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Only $2? that’s a steal *heads to elf website now*

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I made a boo boo $3 but still that’s a great price!

  • Justina

    I need to go snatch this up, I’ve been curious.