Too Faced Rock n Roll

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The newest kid to hit the block is the Too Faced Rock n Roll Eye Shadow Collection. This is a collection of eye shadows that is sure to help you release your inner rock star! This nine shadow collection features shades that are workable daytime and night. Check out my swatches:


Too Faced Rock n Roll inside

Too Faced Rock n Roll is packaged in a flip top tin compact (Dear Too Faced, I’m loving the tin cases by the way). Inside the palette is a mirror, 9 shadows, and a how-to glamour guide.


Rockabillly is a vanilla toned white with a smooth dry texture and matte finish.

New Wave is a slightly pinker toned white with flecks of silver glitter with a powdery texture and matte finish.

New Wave music is an umbrella term for for several late-1970s to mid-1980s pop/rock musical styles (source). My favorite New Wave band is Blondie (duh) feel free to roll around on the floor and rock out!

New Romantic is a light toned champagne with a silky texture and shimmery finish.

You can talk about the New Romantic pop movement without Boy George. Impossible.

Rock n Roll swatches 2

Rap– Rap is a metallic gold shade which is clearly a play on rapper’s gold chains… or maybe MC Hammer’s epic gold hammer pants? Anyway, the texture is smooth and the finish is metallic.

Pop– Pop is a burgundy shade with a satin finish with hints of purple sparkle.

Pop, like rap, is that genre of music we’ve all encountered at one time or another. Pop is short for popular music. My fave song? Thriller duh.

Glam Rock is a dark toned silver shade with gold glitter flecks and a semi-matte finish.

Queen is the best when it comes to Glam Rock in my opinion. No questions asked

Ska is a deep brown-taupe with a satin finish.

Ska is a genre that I honestly know nothing about, but I know about Ska Punk (weird huh?) So here’s a video showing the top 10 Ska bands.

Heavy Metal is a deep navy blue with purple shimmer and a satin finish.

Hello Metallica

Punk is a forest green with silver shimmer and a satin finish

<3 Sonic Youth

All the shades are well pigmented and easy to pick up with a brush and apply. They are easily blended and last all day. The how to glamour guide is also super handy dandy if you are not sure how to work with the palette. I played with the Day Rock look. Super simple.Too Faced Day Rock

Too Faced Rock N Roll is an Ulta Exclusive, retailing for $36. It was supposed to be released June 1, but I assume there’s going to be a delay. I will let you know when it’s in stock!

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