Fall Beauty Trends, Visualized By Everyday Minerals


(L to R):
Everyday Minerals Brow Defining Kit, $10.99 ‐ Utilize the selection of brow colors to achieve a
perfectly sculpted shape. The days of thin, sparse brows are over. Time to usher in the era of
lush, full and beautiful brows. This kit is suitable for blondes and brunettes. Mix and match
shades for customized brow color.

*Defined brows as seen on Vera Wang Fall 2012 Runway

Everyday Minerals I Do Declare Eye Shadow, $7.99 ‐ Like a steaming cup of cocoa on a cold
day, this sparkling shade with dark brown hues will warm up your eyes in no time.
Everyday Minerals Flourish Eye Shadow, $7.99 ‐ A blossoming bronze shade that offers just
the right amount of sheen and radiance
Everyday Minerals Wild Flowers Eye Shadow $7.99 ‐ Add lovely layers of understated color to
your lids with this rich taupe matte shade.

*Chocolate lids as seen on Imitation by Tara Subkoff Fall 2012 Runway

Everyday Minerals Ambrosia Blush, $7 ‐ A soft medium pink shade with a pretty shimmer
Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush, $7 ‐ A soft plum berry shade that’s feminine and matte.

*Bright rosy cheeks as seen on Michael Kors Fall 2012 Runway


Everyday Minerals products are completely vegan, eco-friendly, gluten-free and cruelty free. And they’re all about giving back. 10% of all Everyday Minerals purchases go towards the acquisition and conservation of Austin Hill Country for Wilderness Preservation. To date, Everyday Minerals has rescued 28 acres of land, with an ultimate goal of rescuing 1,000 acres under Wilderness Protection by 2025.

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