Fashionable Ring Trends for 2012


Fashionable Ring Trends for 2012

Although many jewelry designs have a better chance of holding their own through the seasons (as opposed to bright color blocking, crazy patterns, or peep-toe boots), jewelry fashions do come and go as well, especially when it comes to rings. Whether it’s fine jewelry or costume, 2012 has some definitive ring trends to go along with the current fashions.

Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings this year, the more sparkle the better. From small to large stones, or even colored diamonds, the manner in which the diamond is cut is perhaps more important than the stone’s size or the style of the setting. A multifaceted cut that allows for various areas of the diamond to receive light adds a beautiful sparkle to even the smallest stone, maintaining its classiness while still following 2012’s trends.

Fashion Jewelry

Outside of wedding gear, rings are following right in line with the 2012 spring and summer trends. The tribal look, which has been going strong in one form or another since for a few years, has translated into wooden rings painted in tribal designs and those formed out of natural-looking materials such as bones and beads.

Alongside the new futuristic trend, which leans heavily on clean lines and metallics, large, chunky architectural cocktail rings in everything from platinum to high-shine gold are also on trend. This includes rings that go over more than one finger (think brass knuckles, only prettier), or those that take up almost the entire finger, designed in a way that allows the bling and its wearer to move as one.

Black Diamond Rings

This rare stone with its slightly unearthly air goes with just about every trend in 2012, from futuristic to pastels with a punk edge. Despite their color, black diamonds can be fitted into classically styled rings, such as a simple solitaire, or cushioned between smaller black, clear, or colored diamonds. In line with the metallic / futuristic trends, black diamond rings can also be designed to look heavier, often clashing with the brilliant silver, white gold or platinum setting. While certainly trendy, the style and uniqueness of a black diamond ring are also sure to work well with future trends, making them a wise accessory investment.

Remember, the key to staying fashionable relies on not straying too far from the classics. Today’s cutting edge fashion could be tomorrow’s bell bottoms (which are coming back soon!).

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