Feel Your Best- The Five Minute Beauty Routine


If there’s one thing in this world that we do not have a lot of, it’s time. I know this personally. As much as I would like to, with five kids I simply do not have time to put on a full face of makeup everyday.  This inspired me to create a quick five minute beauty routine to help you feel your best when you are in a crunch for time. Each step requires no prep or a slew of tools needed, and you can have a beautiful face in no time!

Step One: BB Cream

You don’t have time for the heavy application of foundation, it just requires too much. You need a product that you can just put on really quick and move on to the next task. This is what BB Cream is for. BB Cream primes, protects, refines and even provides SPF protection. Take a few drops and rub in your face with your fingers, or use a sponge!

Step Two: Blush

What a difference a blush makes! Blush is a product that never really took much effort, blend a little on the apples of your cheeks for a quick rush of color and done!

Step Three: Eyeshadow

We are not looking to apply and try to blend 8 colors into the lid, we just want a nice wash of color. Find a shadow that compliments your lip and blush color. You cant go wrong with a neutral color. Just one sweep across the lid and quickly blend up towards the brows. DONE!

Step Four: Lip Gloss

Three minutes down and we are almost done! Stay with me. Now we are going to apply a lipcolor. What’s better than those handy balm pencils that you can literally use the line the lips and then fill in with a nice pop of color.

Step Five: Mascara

Homestretch! Find your favorite mascara that gives volume and length and apply it.

Look at you gorgeous! We are done here. You might even have a minute to spare.


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  • myRitualBeauty

    Gotta love the 5 minute face! What would we do without BB cream?