In the fall, Maybelline released some new Color Tattoo’s. They are matte finished and they looked like perfect bases. Problem was, they were never released in Mississippi. I have a system when it comes to searching for a product, just based off my knowledge and pinching off the knowledge of others. And here’s how it goes:

1. Go to high volume drugstore chains: there’s a great explanation here about that.

2. Check Nouveau Cheap’s interactive map: but there was not a single sighting in Mississippi.

3. Beg Maybelline for help on social media: they didn’t have an explanation

4. Cry

5. Beg my friends for a CP

But this time I was so angry that it was not at one store in the state, I didn’t even bother asking. Then an angel with super curly black hair flew in.

Leticia, as some of you know but most of you don’t, has been a really good friend before this blogging stuff ever happened. She also blogs over at Cosmetics Aficionado, and we tend to work together a lot. She randomly asked me on Instagram did I want a CP… WELL DUH!!! That made my day seriously.


Not to mention it took no time to get them. She sent them out on like a Thursday and I had them Saturday. JOY!

Anyway they are really everything that I wanted them to be. I may do a review on them later, and again I may not. But have a swatch or two!





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