Flo Atomizer Review And Giveaway!


As a woman, we all need accessories for those ‘on the go’ moments.  If you read my Summer Must Haves list, you will see that there was one atomizer on there, to eliminate the need for toting around an entire bottle of perfume which can be dangerous, and a headache. A new brand has stepped into the square with a new and even better concept than the Travalo, and her name is Flo.

Things I like about Flo

  • Flo is smaller- which means that I don’t have to commit to using so much perfume.
  • Easier filling option- while I am not a fan of the way you have to spray perfume in, but if you have a perfume that you can pour in the atomizer, you can and it’s simple. What if you had a fragrance, like a body spray that you could just unscrew the top and pour in.
  • Flo can be cleaned- Flo can be easily cleaned by using alcohol and rinsing with warm water
  • Availability- Flo can be found at soap.com, Sephora, Ulta, and a ton of other locations.


Check out this video on how to fill Flo!


Flo comes in Noir, Silver and Blush. You can purchase yours for $14.95 and check out all the locations at http://www.flo-atomizer.com/. It can also be purchased at Sephora.com

But wait I want you to enter for a chance to win one too!

I have roughly about 50 bottles of perfume and 4 body sprays and I figured, I have an extra Flo, because it’s so easy to clean, I only need one, why not give my readers a chance to have one as well! So I am offering you:

  • A Flo atomizer, color of my choice

  • Filled with a fragrance from my collection, scent of your choice (I will list them to you in an email if you win)

You will be able to choose from brands such as Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Bond no9, Lush, Demeter, my perfume collection is your perfume collection! And I will give you the option to have me fill it with a body spray if you are not a perfume gal.  I have about 4 or 5 from the Bath and Body Works collection.

So good luck and enter!

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    Would love to win this! Great for traveling on trips!

  • Kristy

    Great contest! I have the Travalo too and would love to try something new.

  • Ekuwa Ansah

    Would love to have this because as of right now I travel with the whole damn bottle. American Airlines has had to pay me 3 times for stolen/broken bottles :-/

  • joy

    Would love to win. Thanks!

  • Taneika


  • timmar68

    I have a travel size of violent blonde. It's in my travel tote and I only use it when I travel

  • niki

    For traveling I save the little samples of perfume I get with birchbox, online orders, etc. Since they are so small I can take a few so I'm not committed to a scent. Is it crazy that I'd love this for my husband?!? I had to pay for a travel size cologne when he had full one at home because we weren't going to check our luggage on a recent trip.

  • I ususally bring samples I get from fragrance counters. I use it because its easy and I get to see if I want to buy the bigger bottle

  • FiFi

    When I travel, I usually just take the entire bottle(s) of perfume or opt for body splashes in plastic bottles if I’m scared the glass bottle perfumes will break. So, winning a Flo would come in handy.

  • Candee

    I usually travel with sample bottles.

  • I usually take only one fragrance when I travel and bring the whole stinking bottle.
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  • ladyboarder9669

    i use perfume samples to take on vaca!

  • i usually travel with minis!

  • amyorvin

    I don't travel with perfume.;(

  • Lucy Hill/NofyourCB

    *Action Man eyes* I use masking tape to hold on the lid on my current fave (Lush) perfume bottle in my handbag…not exactly the jet setting girl about town look I'd wish for but the solid stick version just isn't the same on me. I spray when nobody's watching, like it's some dirty perfume crack, lol.

  • Sherry B.

    I take the entire bottle and pray that it doesn't get broken!

  • Jennifer Rote

    I take a bottle with me.

  • I carry samples or little roll ons.
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  • linnea wiedeman

    I have mini bottles of my fave scents that fit in my purse

  • madison g

    no but i would if i won! 🙂

  • I'm not entering the giveaway b/c I already have one of these. And you're right. It's completely awesome! I poured a deluxe sample from a Sephora GWP in mine. It makes wearing it so much easier than carrying around a bottle that might break in my purse. Great review!
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    • GGGarbage

      thanks Pink!!!! <3

  • I'm pretty sure I saw Travalos at CVS….

    • GGGarbage

      cool! We dont have it here!

  • sandym204

    I take the whole bottle in a ziplock bag. This would be a great win.

  • Since I blend my own sprays, I carry a small plastic spray bottle from the dollar store in my purse….ugh, not only is it ugly, it leaks sometimes. This would be perfect. If I don't win, I'm gonna buy one
    Thanks for the review and opportunity to win a Flo atomizer

  • Kristi

    I either travel with samples like others do or I take perfume oils with me. They are in small bottles with a roller ball.I leave the big bottles at home. This would be a fantastic option for travel!

  • ktsmurf

    I travel with solid perfumes, or with little sampler vials. I'd love an atomizer like this!

  • Laura Royal

    I travel with sample size tubes, but this is much better!!

  • I keep an entire bottle in my purse… that is going to leak one day! 🙂

  • marsha

    I buy small sizes of my favorites for travel and always place one in a baggie in my purse.

  • Heather!

    I try to take scents that are already in a smaller bottle, but I do put it inside a ziploc baggie, then put it in my travel toiletry bag. I feel pretty well covered in terms of spills that way, but I have sometimes been frustrated that I can only choose from my perfumes that are smaller in size. I would love to be able to travel with whatever scent I choose!

    Thank you so much for this chance!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • ReeRee

    I needed this fot chicago!! Lol

  • melodykewl

    I usually just buy the travel sizes of my favorites, I never thought of an atomizer!
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  • tygeryoung

    Just clinking around my bag.

  • Vanessa

    I currently don't use anything. I actually bought some cheap look-a-like travalo's mainly because I heard they were just as good. However, they were not! One I had in my hand luggage, and it leaked all over my bag. Made me sad, and now my bag smells like perfume. The other leaked in my luggage! Made me sad. Haven't tried this one yet, but heard good things!

  • kayley123

    I bring a small decant in a cheap atomizer but I constantly worry it's going to leak or break; I keep it in a plastic bag but I still worry… :-p

  • Laura M.

    I've got a little roll-on perfume that stays in my purse 24/7.

  • I usually just pick a fragrance and pack the entire bottle. Having a travel sized accessory would be clutch!

  • Lorna England

    I bring one of the various samples I receive in the mail with me on trips.

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