I have not given away a thing in so long and I was tweeting about a week ago letting some of Miss Jia’s followers know that it was at Transdesign.com and that it would sell out and soon and well…it sold out. No worries, I bought an extra (or two, or three). Want one? This is what you need to do. Simplest contest ever.

1. Follow me via Google Friend Connect

2. Leave a comment letting me know you followed


I will pick a winner (random.org) on Saturday, February 12th.  Get it? Got it? Good! Enter!

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  • Miss Jia

    RT @MissJia: Ooooh Giveaway!! Get on it right the fuck NOW!!! http://bit.ly/eGSplu <–thanks!!!!

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    your blog is the first and only blog I follow!

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    Just discovered your blog and well it’s certainly worth following ;))

  • Petra

    Yay, sweet giveaway! ^^

    I follow via GFC as Xeno.


    http://bit.ly/eGSplu Want OPI Black Shatter?


    If there is one thing that you should know about me, it's that I am the boo-boo queen!! When I initially posted my… http://fb.me/JQhYsPrj

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    Yep. I’se follow ^_^

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    Please enter me! I follow you!

  • Nury

    Following! :)
    Awesome giveaway!

  • http://twitter.com/its3ofme/status/33315084465864706 S Dot Renee

    RT @glitteryglossy: You enter yet? It's sold out (in some places) http://bit.ly/eGSplu

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    Awesome give-away! I follow you through GFC as Kee.

  • http://you-nailed-it.blogspot.com you nailed it!

    wow lovely blog, just found it.
    i’m a gfc follower; you nailed it!


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    Thank you for this Giveaway!!
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    Thank you!!

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    Great giveaway!!

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    Thanks for the giveaway

    follow gfc ginnn7


  • Alexis

    GFC: Antoszewskia!

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    enter me please and thank you

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    joined your blog and it is right up my alley

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    Following you now 😉

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    I am a follower! – Piper nettysgirl AT gmail.com

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    this nail polish is a true treasure
    gfc name: viorlela

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    RT @Glossissistic: 40 entries!!!!!!!!!!! Have you entered to win OPI's Black Shatter? US and International!!!! http://bit.ly/eGSplu

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    GFC: Sarah Saba

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    RT @glitteryglossy: Have you entered to win OPI's Black Shatter? US and International!!!! http://bit.ly/eGSplu

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    Have you entered to win OPI's Black Shatter? US and International!!!! http://bit.ly/eGSplu


    Have you entered to win OPI's Black Shatter? US and International!!!! http://bit.ly/eGSplu

  • Najah

    Hi! Please enter me in the contest…i also follow on twitter :) thanks!

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    nice giveaway!

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    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

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    52 entries and 2 days left! You want Black Shatter dont ya? http://bit.ly/eGSplu

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