Get Sleek Hair With GHD!

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If you want straight, smooth, sleek hair then you can’t go far wrong with flat irons as these will smooth and straighten your hair and make sure it looks polished and stylish. But how can you get a great look with your flat irons?

The first thing to consider is the quality of your hair straighteners . If you opt for ghd’s you know that you are getting quality. The ceramic plates are smooth so won’t snag on your hair; they also have even heat across the plates so that you know that it will evenly straighten your hair and not burn or damage it.

The next thing to do is wash and blow-dry your hair like normal before straightening. It is really important to make sure hair is really dry at this point as you could damage your hair; if it even slightly wet you could burn or singe your hair. It is also important that you apply heat protection spray before straightening your hair to make sure you keep it in the best condition.

Next you need to section your hair off “ the first section will be above the ears and then you can clip that section away until later.

Finally, take small sections of hair and place your ghd stylers at the roots. Run them down the length of your hair shaft working all the way round until you have straightened the whole of your hair. If you want a bit more volume simply pull the ghd away from the head towards the ceiling, which adds more volume at the roots.

For even more volume you can follow your straighteners with a round brush and flick the ends under when you reach the end for a volumised, beveled look. Once this is done you just need a lick of hairspray and you are done.

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