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Giving Yourself a DIY Pedicure: The Perfect Night In

Did you think you’d have to spend $$$ on a pedicure at your nearest spa to get great looking nails to show off when you next wear your sandals? Think again – it’s possible to give yourself a pedicure if you know how to do it. What’s more, it can make for the perfect relaxing pamper night indoors.

Follow these tips to make sure you get the best DIY pedicure in town.

Remove any old nail varnish

This should always be step one. Use nail polish remover and a couple of cotton wool balls.

Soak your feet before you do the pedicure

There’s nothing like soaking your feet before you tackle the pedicure. Not only will it revive aching feet if you’ve had a busy day, it has the wonderful effect of de-stressing you as well. Don’t forget the foot scrub – it will make any hard skin on any part of your feet vanish completely.

Trim your nails and push back your cuticles

This will help prepare your toes for the all important pedicure. Don’t trim your nails down too far and be careful to cut straight across and not down the sides.

Time for some foot lotion

It’s not quite time to paint your nails yet; the next step is to use a good quality foot lotion that cools your feet. Look for something with peppermint in it to enhance the cool feeling you’ll get.

Choose an undercoat for your nails

For the longest lasting nail polish, go for a base coat before putting on the color. This will create the perfect surface to take whatever color you go for.

Add one or two coats of your chosen color

Make sure you note how long to leave it in between coats and don’t be tempted to put the second coat on any sooner than it says. Finish with a top coat and you’re done.

After Care

The time after your DIY pedicure is just as important you know. Don’t shove those pampered feet back into your sneakers. Going barefoot for a little while is ideal, but if not, this is the ideal time to break out your nice open toed sandals. Let your feet breath and make sure you actually show off your shiny styled nails!

This guest post was written by Ricky from Zando, we love fashion and sell everything from ladies skirts, to jelly shoes!

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