Guest Post: The Range of Bra Styles


Have you ever been shopping for a bra and been completely overwhelmed by your choices? While this wide selection may be a bit perplexing, it actually serves a purpose in providing women with just the right bra for their specific body type, as well as the clothing they will be wearing it with. Some styles of bras vary in the range of the cup sizes.

Of course, traditional bras will come with full cup styles. This is for women who want more coverage. Full cup bras completely cover the breast. Another kind of bra features a three quarters cup. This particular bra allows women to reveal a little more of their cleavage. This might be a good choice to wear with a low cut neckline. Given the reduced size of the cup, this type of bra uses under wiring to increase the amount of support

.Bras can also come with half cups. Known as demi bras, these kinds of bras provide covering which starts around an inch above the nipple. This type of bra allows you to show off a lot of cleavage. This bra would also be a good choice for plunging necklines. Multiway bras are popular for their versatility. Often with certain clothing, the strap placement of traditional bras simply will not work as they will be revealed. Therefore, this kind of bra was created.

The straps of this bra are adjustable. It allows for a variety of configurations to not only provide support but to keep those straps hidden. They can be helpful when wearing strapless, halter or one shouldered styles of clothing. They are very common as bridal underwear as wedding dresses often require this. Sports bras are another kind of bra that women can choose from. These bras were designed to provide support for women when they participate in any sort of physical activity. Sports bras keep the breasts in one place rather than letting them bounce around.

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