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Contact Lenses

It is an on-going dilemma for those of us with less than 20-20 vision. When the optician advises that we will need assistance with our eyesight, for decades the first thought was ‘Will glasses suit me?’ followed in later years by ‘Should I choose glasses or contact lenses?’

The years of ‘men don’t make passes..’ are perhaps behind us, but for many it is still a tough decision. After all the most iconic A-listers rarely seem to sport specs, so it is still a niche fashion area. Also many still feel uncomfortable about having to always wear spectacles. It is one thing to pop them on for reading in middle age, but a large number of people would rather not have something continually resting on their face, preferring a natural look and feel, hence the popularity of contact lenses.

So have contacts won the style war? Well, glasses are still hugely popular amongst those who know how to wear them well. This means heavily stylised celebrities such as Gok Wan, whilst Harry Potter, as Daniel Radcliffe in specs, is appreciated by teens. That said, the vast swathes of celebrities and ordinary people prefer contacts, primary because they allow them to ‘feel like themselves’. The face is unadorned and unchanged, but at what price?

Contacts have been hailed as handy but they need to be put in and taken out, which is not a daily pleasure for the squeamish. They also need keeping clean – naturally there are disposables but these can be expensive over a lifetime.

So who is winning the style wars in 2012? Well, it could just be a third contender. Laser eye surgery is freeing people from the contacts v. glasses dilemma for good. Practitioners such as Ultralase can devise a treatment for conditions such as long-sight, short-sight, astigmatism, presbyopia and others. Within hours, people can be free of spectacles or contacts forever, which has great appeal to many. It is rapidly becoming a popular modern solution to the eyewear style dilemma – after all having perfect vision will always be in fashion.

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