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If you are in the mood for a semi-opaque gloss with a hint of color and a ton of sparkle, give Hard Candy’s Plumping lip glosses a shot. I tried this gloss and while there is lots of sparkle and bling, there is not a lot of plumping.  No need to read down 10000 words to find out these things.



Spark  is a sheer hot pink with pink micro flecks of glitter. The color applies very smoothly and it’s not sticky. Pigmentation is decent and it goes great alone or on top of another lip color.

It says plumping, but I didn’t feel any sting or tingle.


The packaging is poor, the stopper came out due to air pressure after opening it up fresh out the wrapper. So now when you dip the wand in, there are huge gobs of gloss and you can’t just use a bit.

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss retails for $6 and you can find them at Walmart and walmart.com

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