Hard Candy Shadowholic 12 Hour Waterproof Eye Crayon Purple Rain Swatches


*press sample*

Hard Candy Purple Rain is an eye shadow that delivers intense, vibrant color in a portable crayon. Purple Rain is a grape colored purple with violet reflects.


Pigmentation is very good- it does not take a lot of rubbing to get some product. The formula of the crayon is very good, because when you apply it, the crayon itself does not rub all the way down, break, or melt easily.  It has a creamy texture and dries to a matte finish.  Compared to Urban Decay and Milani’s shadow crayons, you have a little more wiggle room to blend- with Urban Decay and Milani, once you apply it on the skin and count to 10, that’s it! You can’t blend it, you can’t smudge it, it’s not going anywhere. Hard Candy’s you can blend or smudge it with no problem.

There’s no creasing and this pencil works great as a base. I would still recommend using a primer underneath it if you have oily lids.

Hard Candy also took that extra step that most brands don’t when they sell you these pencils- they gave me a pencil sharpener in the package that’s large enough to sharpen the pencil correctly. I tested the sharpener as well and it works like a dream. I didn’t lose a lot of product and my pencil was sharpened without incident Open-mouthed smile.

I do not have the price on this pencil, but I will update Monday with the price. All Hard Candy is available at Walmart and Walmart.com

Any dupes?

Urban Decay Deliquent is deeper and has gold flakes in it, Milani Royal Purple is brighter and creamier.





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