The Sh*t List: Hey Guys, Where’s The Foundation For Black Girls?


I warned you.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know for the past year or so I’ve been hell bent on avoiding brands that do not offer foundation shades for black women and I decided on a whim, 1/1/2014 11:17 pm, to create a list. I’m calling it a hit list, but think of it as more of a ‘miss list’. A list of brands that don’t offer foundation to women of darker skin tones.

I decided about two years ago after the debacle with NYX and the HD foundation that I was done. I was washing my hands of brands that did not cater to black skin. Light skinned aside, I’m a black girl and how can I recommend this brand or that brand to you and they are making a subtle but very clear message that their cosmetics are not for us. It bothers me. What about us?

So here’s the list. Every cosmetic brand that does not carry foundation in their lines that cater to darker skin tones. Only two brands received a pass from me, and I will clarify that below.

1. Almay– Almay has been at the top of the list for a very long time. Almay’s shade range offends me the most. Almay cosmetics is special, because their products are formulated to be hypoallergenic. So what are you trying to say Almay, black girls don’t have allergies? That’s cute.

2. Rimmel– Yeah, you can get the London look, but only if your skin is not dark. Rimmel is another laughable brand to me because not only do they not make foundations for dark skinned women,but their last brand ambassador, Solange Knowles is a black woman herself. Color me tickled.

3.  Hard Candy– This brand is marketed towards the younger market. Hard Candy features a lot of fun, flirty and easy to wear products. Just don’t go looking for foundation if you are dark skinned. The darkest they go is medium tan. Hmph.

4. Anna Sui

5. Shu Uemura

6. Physicians Formula– Another hypoallergenic brand that thinks people of darker skin tones have no allergies apparently.

7. Barry M

8. Jane Cosmetics– “Confidence comes in so many colors” is their mantra. Yet not a single foundation for darker skin tones. Ok.

9. NYC (New York Color)

10. Hourglass Cosmetics– Stellar primers but the foundations? Not a dark shade in the house.

11. Vincent Longo

12. Wet n Wild– I was on the fence about including Wet n Wild in the mix. From an honest point of view, no, Wet n Wild does not make foundations for women of color but they have a sister division- Black Radiance. Black Radiance, owned by Markwins makes products for black women and women of darker skin tones. Unfortunately, they are not as heavily promoted as Wet n Wild and I hope that changes in the future. Wet n Wild has a stellar beauty blogger outreach program that features a lot of great black bloggers.

13. Neutrogena– this is another brand I am on the fence with. I really think Neutrogena has a great skincare line, but the cosmetics line is missing an entire hue of people.

***UPDATE*** Neutrogena has expanded their foundation range to include a few deeper shades. You can find photos here.

14. Pixie 

15.Essence Cosmetics 

16. Jesse’s Girl 

17.Paula’s Choice 

Their response:

For reference, I did not include Indie brands.

I hope that in the future, these brands will understand that black women love cosmetics as much as women of other races. I would love to see change over time and hope to cross most, if not all these brands off the list.


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