What’s In The Box? Julep January Maven Box- American Beauty


Julep kinda created their own nail trend this Winter with the Neons and Nudes Resort Collection. The collection features 6 neon and 5 nude lacquers. I get the American Beauty box every month, so packed away in my box were the following items



Julep Bethany, an orange jelly neon. This just might be  my go to color this summer. Bethany applies well with two coats.


Julep Mindy, a sheer porcelain pink.  I am not a fan of work safe/sheer colors, so it’s no surprise that I am not in love with this shade. It also applied streaky and uneven. it would take about three coats to get over the streaks, which means it’s going to take forever to dry and who has time for that?


Hand and Cuticle Stick–  A cuticle stick fortified with shea butter and peptides? I’m sold! I love my cuticle cream from Ixora, but this might be great for in between swatches hydration. It is not greasy AT ALL and it smells so yummy and fresh!


Neon hair ties– too bad I don’t have any hair!


Sheet of swatch me stickers– I was reading about this on Julep’s blog, some little girl came up with the concept of swatching the polish on these stickers and then placing it at the top of the bottle for better organization. Cute idea, but I doubt that I will just… give in to it. Maybe when my organization kick comes back.

The problem that I see with this is, they put a blank swatch me sticker on top of the bottle. Why? I am not into all that use a toothpick, q-tip blah blah blah whatever. Why not give me a sticker in the box, I dab it on there with the brush, let it dry, then stick it on top of the bottle? I don’t know.

For $19.99 a month, you can have two trendy polishes and extra nail and body treats delivered to your door. Click the link for more information and become a Maven today!  http://www.julep.com/maven.html

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