Julep Oscar And Viola- A Match Made In Heaven

If you are still sleeping on Julep then here’s a reason to wake up- Julep created some Oscar-inspired lacquers that left me in awe.  They created what seems like a new collection of nail lacquers names after actresses in connection with the Oscars.

When I received my Maven Box for the month of January, I got Oscar, Viola, and Julep’s topcoat for hair (that I have not used yet).


Back to these lacquers- Oscar ($14.00) is a clear lacquer packed with chunky square gold glitter.  When I saw the initial previews of this lacquer in the newsletter, I was honestly expecting gold flakes over glitter- don’t ask me why I honestly do not know. Anywho here are some swatches of Julep Oscar- I only did two coats but imagine how blingin’ your tips would be if you did 3 or 4 coats.





Viola ($14.00)- which I assume is named after Viola Davis, is a deep dark and sultry lacquer.  Viola is deep dark purple with a crème finish. I have not swatched it yet because when I got my Julep package in the mail, I also got those few shades from Electropop and I did not want to risk swatching such bright shades with potentially stained nails.  So my plan is to do a nail of the day with Viola over the weekend and share with you guys then.

           Julep’s Topcoat for hair?? hmmm at this point Do not want but you never know!


  • Julep makes the best skin care and nail products. These colors are so pretty.

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