Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Ok stop. Go in your bathroom right now and pick out any of the products that you can use to cook with and you could use as a moisturizer. I’ll wait…..

Oh you’re back! Empty-handed nevertheless. I’m not :D, thanks to discovering Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.

Tropical Traditions is one of the first companies to export virgin coconut oil to the United States from the Philippines.  The founder of the company, Brian Shilhavy, discovered the health benefits of coconut oil after moving to the Philippines with his wife.  Mr. Shilhavy is dedicated to extracting the oil in traditional form, so that coconut oil is at its highest quality.

As soon as I received my oil, I had to take notice at how well and safely packaged the product was, considering it was a huge glass jar! I opened the jar and it smells just like coconuts! The oil is very light as well.  In the good spirit of me being who I am, I immediately took a small spoon to get a little bit of the oil and rub on my skin! Applies and absorbs well, dosen’t leave the skin greasy.This would be excellent to apply after a shower.

I also cooked with it the same night I got it, has a very rich coconut flavor, yet it is very light as well.  You can use it to cook literally anything! I made a cake with some coconut oil in substitution of butter (and for some, vegetable oil). It was great and I could taste just a little hint of coconut in the cake (yummy!).

There are some great health properties to using coconut oil in your foods.  Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a nutrient that supports the immune system.  You can check out this site for a very long list of health properties from consuming coconut oil.

What about the skin? Coconut oil is excellent for the skin! Most of your lotions contain water. Water based products are only a temporary fix to the skin. Water expands the tissues and as soon as blood carries the water away, that wrinkle free, smooth skin is gone!  Coconut oil is absorbed into the skin and removes dead skin cells, repairs damage done to the skin, and over time will make the skin soft long term.In addition, coconut oil has antiseptic properties, which will prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

Add a third bird: Hair. Coconut oil  is great if you pre-poo!! It softens the hair and the scalp, even loosens up dandruff better than your medicated shampoo!

You can read about more skin care properties of coconut oil here.

There are three types of coconut oil, Gold label, Green label, and Expeller-Pressed. You can check out the details with the differences of the three here.

Tropical Traditions can be found on their site,, and some health food stores. Prices on Gold Label are as low as $19.95 for one pint and goes up from there

(I was given this product for free to review)

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    Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

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