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I am familiar with the LaBella Body Care brand thanks to Twitter and being introduced by a follower. LaBella features natural, handmade skincare products such as body butters, soaps, facial moisturizers and clay masks. Because I have a good and stable skincare routine, I decided I would try out a whipped soap, which is one of her most popular items. She has such a wide choice of scents, so it was hard for me to pick one, but I finally decided on the Vanilla Sandalwood.

Navigation of the site was simple. Everything is organized and categorized well, and I am really glad the scent list was easy to find. I ordered my products and less than a week later, I had my soap (it sucks the day I got it, I was sick with the flu…boo!).  I received email notifications every step of the way, from receipt of the order until it shipped. I received my order well packaged, and she included samples of some of her other products in the box.


Vanilla Sandalwood combines the rich fragrance of sandalwood with the mild and relaxing scent  of vanilla.  The scent is perfectly mixed with the soap- it’s not overpowering nor is there not enough scent. The scent lasts for a few hours after cleansing (which is amazing).

I opted for the 8 ounce jar so I could use it a few times. Whipped soap is packaged in a plastic jar with a screw top. The jar comes with no label that shows ingredients, or directions for use. Though this is a handmade product, and the ingredients are listed on the site to read before purchasing, it wouldn’t hurt to stick a label on the jar as well. Maybe it was an oversight on just my jar. In addition, where are the directions? Am I to assume that I should know exactly how much to use? Is it external use only (I wouldn’t dare use it down there anyway, I’m just saying). For best results should I use a teaspoon? Tablespoon? How much? In addition, there are no directions for use on the site. It only notes that the product is pH balanced and can be used on the vagina.

The texture of the whipped soap is thick and creamy. From the jar to whatever medium you use to wash (washcloth, loofa, poof, hand), it melts down easily.  The suds are very thick, rich and fragrant. The jojoba beads exfoliated my skin without being too harsh or painful. It cleanses the skin effortlessly, and rinses away clean leaving no residue behind. My skin was not dry or tight feeling out of the shower after I dried off (I did shower with this soap solely, towel dry, and allowed my skin to dry completely before moisturizing). My skin was soft as is, but because of my thyroid condition, I have to use another moisturizer as well.

Overall I really like LaBella’s whipped soap. The scent was perfect for someone like me that needs to unwind after a long stressful day. Cleansing with the soap was a joy because it was so well blended, it moisturized my skin and rinsed clean leaving nothing behind but a beautiful deep scent. As stated above, my only complaint is the lack of directions and ingredients on the packaging. My complaint does not come from a personal space, but a space thinking as the consumer, someone that’s new to the brand and does not know the owner (which I do, but I bought my soap, it was not a press sample).

LaBella Body Care Whipped Soap comes in three sizes: 4oz = $6.50; 8oz = $11.00; 16oz = $19.00.  You can buy this product and a wide choice of other products from their website. All of LaBella’s products are handmade, sulfate free, paraben free, mineral oil and petroleum free. Some products do contain preservatives (I do not know which ones specifically).


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  • Whipped soap? OMGGGG, that sounds so decadent. Gonna have to check that out.

  • atiyah9369

    I love this product. I had the Citrus Sangria scent which I think is now discontinued. Loved the smell I need to invest in some more.