Liar, Liar Nails On Fire?

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Three free. This term to many consumers, especially pregnant and lactating women, is a breath of fresh air. So what do you do, when a company says their lacquer is three free, and it’s not?

What is three free?  Three free is a phrase well known around the nail community meaning a nail polish, or nail lacquer (if you’re fancy) that does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene.

Dibutyl Phthalate is a plasticizer (makes your lacquer flexible and chip resistant) linked to altered hormone levels. Though some studies state that there is no potential risk to anything.

Formaldehyde is a disinfectant linked to cancer.

Toluene is a paint thinner, linked to severe neurological harm.

So 25 brands were tested, seven were free of DBP and Toluene, 9 contained both, and 9 had trace amounts of the chemicals.

So who’s who in results? Well…….

The nail products that claimed to be free of toxic chemicals but in fact had at least trace levels of hazardous chemicals included the following:

Sation 99 basecoat (made by Miss Professional Nail Products)

Dare to Wear nail lacquer (made by LeChat Nail Care Products)

Chelsea 650 Baby’s Breath nail lacquer (made by Miss Professional Nail Products)

New York Summer nail color (made by Miss Professional Nail Products)

Paris Spicy 298 nail lacquer (made by Mirage Corp.)

Sation 53 Red Pink nail color (made by Miss Professional Nail Products)

Poshe fast-drying basecoat (made by Poshe Almell Products)

Orly Flagstone Rush nail lacquer (made by Orli International)

Nail Art Stripper Brush #117 Magenta Glitter (made by Omega Labs USA)


The nail products that were found to be toxic-free included:

CM (Color Madnic) Luscious nail lacquer (made by LeChat R&D)

Zoya Professional nail lacquer (made by Art of Beauty Systems)

Birthday Babe nail lacquer (made by OPI Products)

Nail polish thinner (made by Cali Beauty Supply)

Essie 596 Starter Wife nail lacquer (made by Essie Cosmetics)

Out the Door topcoat (made by International Nail Manufacturers)

The state attorney general’s office will make a final decision regarding whether the nail polish companies will face legal action, which could include fines and required warning labels, the AP reports

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It was only about 4 years ago that I even made the decision to get into (and love) nail lacquers. I got hooked at a turning point in the manufacturing of lacquers, because OPI was beginning to advertise as three free, I was pregnant with a baby, so I decided that would be my go to brand and it honestly was for a very long time, so it’s great that they are three free. Also, kudos to Zoya for being 100% three free! It’s small changes like this that continue to protect our women against cancer. When I was researching this and reading on these new findings, I read that a salon tech interviewed had breast cancer at one point. To think it very well could have been because of these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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