L’Oreal’s Endless Sea Is Drowning Me In My Love Of All Things Aqua


I’ve been around for a good 2 years now, creeping my way up on three years. By now, you should know that you cannot put a nice teal/aqua shaded eyeshadow in front of me and NOT expect me to squeal in delight. That’s what I did when I saw this shadow. When L’Oreal extended the Infallible line, this was one of the new shades, thank you L’oreal! Keep reading for a review and swatches of L’Oreal Endless Sea!

L’Oreal Endless sea is aqua colored with a silver sheen.  I had very high expectations for this shadow, as I do all teal and aqua shaded shadows, but to be honest, it was not what I wanted it to be. Endless Sea is very sheer, not easy to build, and while it is blendable, I wouldn’t make this the primary shade in any look. It would work well in the sheer wash department!

It’s a tad drier than Smoldering Plum, also applies very chunky and you have to smooth it out a little bit.  With a primer and application using a mixing medium, you can add a little more depth, but you will never get what you are looking for. This saddens me.

You can purchase this shadow for $7.99 at most drugstores and Drugstore.com!




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  • vickyhoang

    this shade is absolutely gorgeous!