Lumos Review: The Top and Base Coat to End All?

I recently posted a review about 3 topcoats that I own and got an interesting response from the owner of the company Lumos about how good their products are and well check out the quote:

I am a co-founder of Creative Nail Design and my wife and I have started a new company that has introduced the first new top and bottom coat in many, many years. In short, it blows away all three of the products you have tested. Product name is Lumos.

This got me sorta interested and I asked the owner if I could give their Instant Impact Base Coat and High Speed Top Coat a shot. They were more than happy to send me both so I could let you guys know how it works!

Lumos Set

So today what I am doing is using the base coat and the top coat. You need to first excuse my nails.  They are short because they were peeling at the tip and I just cut them off. I think I am the perfect person the review this set because I do so much during the day, and I want to see just how long they will last. So everyday until the paint is severly chipped, I will post a picture. I decided to use my favorite color, China Glaze Zombie Zest.

Today is Day 1:

Here are the tips that I was given to make sure that I got the best results from the base and top coat:

  • Start with a clean dry nail
  • Apply base coat
  • Apply Lumos Bottom Coat to all 10 nails you will notice that by the time you are done with the 10th finger, this coat is already dry!
  • Apply your first coat of color leaving a space around the cuticle area, making sure to string the color across the free edge.  Once you have finished your first coat of color you will see that starting to already dry into the Bottom Coat
  • Repeat with another coat (optional)
  • Finish by using a generous layer of Lumos High Speed Top Coat and remember to string the product again
  • Touch up every few days with the top coat

    So, I have placed the base coat on and by the time I got to the last nail and the rest of my nails were dry! Wow! I put two coasts of polish on and then the top coat. In 5 minutes, my nails were finished!

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