Lush Emotional Brilliance Left Me Feeling Underwhelmed


When Lush announced that they were releasing a line of cosmetics to correspond with your mood (Emotional Brilliance), I was excited, giddy, and full of anticipation. Now that I have tried a few products, I’m underwhelmed.

In my bag of tricks, I have one lip color, one eye liner, and one eye shadow to show you. First, let me elaborate about why I feel underwhelmed. Wearing makeup according to your mood, or how you would like to feel, will not trump what actually compliments your skin tone. Lush’s concept was still a wonderful one, don’t get me wrong, but if there’s one thing that I preach to my readers- “Wear what compliments you’”.



Lush Charm is a cool toned, white based pink that made me think of Tyrone Biggums at Easter… again. One more time, this is not for my skin tone and sure isnt for anyone darker. Don’t do it.  The formula is a little streaky applying, dries to a matte finish. I did do a wear test, and my husband looked at me like a fool for about 6 hours before it began to fade (keep in mind that when I drink,it’s out of a straw).

Lush MotivationSAM_0281

Lush Motivation is the eyeliner, the prettiest deep teal liner I’ve ever seen in my life. Application was a little shaky with the applicator provided, so I imagine if you use your own brush, you will be in precision heaven. It really is a motivational shade.. With a primer, I got about 12 hours. Without, it started to fade after about 4 hours. No biggie, who wears makeup without primer? Noobs.

Lush Focus

Lush Focus is the eye shadow, and you definitely have to focus to see this shadow once you blend it in. Focus is an iridescent blue/gray. Once you apply it to the skin.. well…


remember… focus. You can barely see it. Now swatching it is a totally different story,..


but at one point or another, you are going to want to blend. When I apply the color like this, and wait for it to dry and then blend it  out, it disappears into mid air, leaving nothing behind but a few stray chunks of glitter.  I try to get the best use out of everything, but I cant even use this as a highlighter under the brows. I am kinda sad because when I saw it, I squealed, though I do that when I see food, but that’s another story for another day.


The packaging looks like little eyedroppers in a glass bottle. It’s not an actual eyedropper though.  The eye shadow and lip color bottles both have doe-foot wands, and the eye liner has a liner applicator. The doe-foot wand is fine.  I would use it to apply the lip gloss, but I wouldn’t for the eyeshadow.

When I think of the average consumer, I think about the woman that is NOT a hoarder like me. She buys a product or two, and she uses it until she runs out. This is not friendly packaging for your average consumer. The packaging reminds me of… Urban Decay’s original packaging for the Primer Potion. You will have X amount of uses before you cant use the wand anymore, leaving you with about a product that still has makeup inside, but you cant get it out. And let’s face it, this is glass, we cant do what we did with the UDPP containers. So once you get at the…lets say 30% remaining mark, you wont be able to get anymore product out. Which means you will trash it.


In conclusion, if there were no changes made to the collection, the only thing that I would purchase from the collection are the eyeliners. They will get good use from me. The eyeshadow blended out to just about nothing, and the lipcolor was not for me, and the application was streaky.

Everything in the collection retails for $22.95 You can spin the wheel at,en_US,sc.html and pick out three colors that stand out to you!

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  • tyrone biggums at easter hahah hilarious. i know what you mean about the packaging, it seems totally not practical for the average person.

  • I totally agree with you about the packaging. It's cute but not practical at all. And while I wanted to love these products, they're pretty expensive.
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  • Too bad about the packaging. What a waste 30% of the product is unreachable and the eyeshadow and lip colour are so-so. You can barely see the eye colour. I likely will not be trying these.

  • harveygregory

    The lush color of these eye makeup is nice. I like how it perfectly blends on the eyes which made me think that I could indeed use it for my bridal makeup in Perth. Thanks for the suggestion!