MAC Casual Colour- Lip And Cheek Colour Swatches And Review


If you are not into the bright and bold colors for the summer and you want to go a little softer on the lips and cheeks, then this collection is for you. MAC Casual Colour features 8 lip and cheek colours and here they are 6 of them for your viewing pleasure! Check out my swatches, pictures, review and thoughts.




Weekend Getaway is a beautiful pink mauve color.




Have A Lovely Day! is a medium beige.




Out For Fun  is a bright deep toned orange. Not as bright as tangerine, maybe a shade darker than a persimmon?




Evening Stroll is a creamy violet. This was a favorite amongst my African American readers and I think this would be a perfect purple blush because it’s not too deep when you blend it into the skin, so it’s gonna give a healthy violet flush to the skin. On the lips, it is still a very nice shade. Not as deep and sparkly as All Of My Purple Life, which was created as a universal purple lipglass for women of all skintones by the wonderful Afrobella.




Keep It Loose is a warm peach. Not as peachy as I imaged, but ok. It’s still cute. And to not replicate the Memoirs of Tyrone Biggums, I will not be using this as a lip color but as a blush? Baby yes!




Keep It Casual is warm wine leaning more towards red with a hint of brown. This applies nicely as a blush. Even better as a lip color.

Overall as a lip color– I am surprised at how well pigmented these colors are on the lip. They are much deeper in pigmentation than Revlon Lip Butters, but they are reminiscent of them. I love the level of moisture that I get from them. They also remind me of the TLC (Tinted Lip Conditioners) that MAC sells, but they are versatile lip conditioners that can be applied to the face too. I wore Evening Stroll for a few hours last night, and they wear off pretty easily once you put eating into the mix. And as usual with me, I drink from a straw so drinking never really upsets a lip color for me.

Overall as a blush–  I am digging the theme ‘Casual Colour’ in reference to them being used as a cheek color because they take little to no effort. Once applied to the cheeks they are not as greasy as I expected them to be, and they all leave a very nice pigmentation on the skin and blend easily. They leave a dew like finish to the skin, and if by chance you cant stand to dew the dew, (lol), use a little mattifier.  I used my Skindinavia to set my face when I was done, and I still got 12 hours of none stop soft, smooth color. I am one of those people that loves dew and these deliver IF that’s what you are looking for.

The scent is a little vanilla and a little wax, like 50/50 split to be honest. The wax smell does dry down to a vanilla scent once applied and especially when blended to the cheeks.

These retail for $20.00. Check for availability and locations at

So that’s it for now! If you have any questions that I did not cover please comment and as usual I will answer right away! I will be back in a separate post with lip swatches and a comparison with All Of My Purple Life, because it was requested by a reader.

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