MAC Creamsheen + Pearl Fall 2012: Quick Swatches

You probably caught the preview some time back showcasing this new collection of eight lipsticks and seven lip glasses. I only had an interest in the lipsticks. Lip glasses are something that I would never touch. I either wear balm, lipstick, or nothing. So let’s keep reading to check out my swatches of six of the eight lipsticks.

MAC Cremesheen   Pearl

From left to right

Pink Pearl Pop– medium pink, reminds me of candy.

Pure Zen– (look for this one to be re-promoted with the Marilyn Monroe collection) warm nude

Coral Bliss– Light coral

Shanghai Spice– Neutral pink with a hint of spice.

Japanese Maple– This is a very frosty beige color, this one was not friendly for my skintone.

Saigon Summer– This was my favorite of them all. I’m loving orange everything for the fall, and this one brightens up the upcoming season. It’s a very bright orange, almost tangerine.

Now they say these are frosted, but besides Pure Zen and Japanese Maple, I honestly couldn’t tell. Kudos to MAC for making the frost particles so fine, that they appeared to be sheen, and not the nightmare that I know to be frost.

The pigmentation is very sheer, you have to use a lot of product to make these opaque, so maybe color in the entire lip with your lipliner first, then put on the lipstick.

Same vanilla smell as usual, nothing different there. These lipsticks retail for $15 and they are permanent, so no worries there. 🙂

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