MAC Metal X Swatches and Review


Brand- MAC

Product- Metal X Cream Eyeshadow

Price- $20; 0.08oz

Availability- all M·A·C locations
1.800.588.0070 and

If you are a MAC fanatic, then you already know that these have been released before. Twice technically, if you count the Brushed Metal X shadows that came in the Metal Urge Collection….. from my past experience, I love the metal cream eyeshadows, but I am familiar with the creasing, heartache and pain. Did this change?

MAC features these shadows as a product with maximum versatility- you can use on the eyes, the cheeks, the brow bone, anywhere! (really anywhere?).

They also take pride in their one stroke application. Let’s see how these hold up!


Red Hot Copper is as it describes- a copper with red tones.




Venetian Tarnish- This is the star of the collection to me. It is a beautiful bronze with hints of tarnished gold




Fusion Gold is a light beige with hints of gold and pink. The pink is very very faint. This makes for a wonderful highlight color on the brow bone or on the face.




Vintage Coin is a metallic olive green.



How can you maximize wear?

For maximum wearability use a primer underneath. They will not stand on their own without creasing.  Without a primer I got about 5 minutes of use, yes it creases just that fast. With a primer , my same ole Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, I got about 10 hours without seeing so much as a crease in the shadow.

If you want to wear as a wash over the eye, use your primer, apply the cream shadow, and then set with a powder. This also keeps it on the eye longer.

If you have oiler lids, I suggest primer, powder, cream shadow and then a little more powder. Otherwise creasing will be bad.

If you want to use on the cheeks, be very light handed, and I suggest using a stippling brush for a flawless finish.

I didn’t really play with it on my lips much.  The only one that I would consider using is Red Hot Copper. Are these even lip safe? I will update with an answer to that.


The colors are indeed beautiful and have excellent pigmentation, you really don’t have to do too much building.  You can literally do one swipe or one stroke and have all the shadow you need.


Yes. I could blend it very well if I wanted. to.

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  • Hey, your product photos look awesome! I keep going back and forth on buying or not buying Vintage Coin.

    Benefit Stay Don't Stray, huh? I swear the formula for Urban Decay's Primer Potion has changed, and I have been on the lookout for something different. I will have to look into this.

  • great post!

  • Red Hot Copper is sooo my kind of color… nice!

  • Rai

    MAC Metal X Swatches and Review – via @Shareaholic

  • MAC Metal X Swatches and Review – via @Shareaholic

  • MAC Metal X Swatches and Review – via @Shareaholic

  • Nice review. I do agree that the pigment is nice. Although only one of them would probably look good on me.

  • GlitterGlossGarbage

    MAC Metal X Swatches and Review – via @Shareaholic


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  • GlitterGlossGarbage

    MAC Metal X Swatches and Review – Glitter.Gloss.Garbage » Glitter.Gloss.Garbage

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    RT @glitteryglossy: MAC Metal X Swatches and Review #GlitterGlossGarbage

  • GlitterGlossGarbage

    Beauty Rewind! : MAC Metal X Swatches and Review #GlitterGlossGarbage

  • Beauty Rewind! : MAC Metal X Swatches and Review #GlitterGlossGarbage

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