Not My Shade Alert! MAC Pink Fade Lipglass


I wanted this to be for me so bad, but life is not fair, and it’s just another reminder of why I don’t care for lipglasses very much anymore.

Pink Fade Lipglass comes from the Glamour Daze collection for the holidays and from the tube, you would think magic is in that tube, but this is just another white based lipglass like the countless others that came before it.

I don’t have a lot of rambling to do, and I did swatch it, but I did it on a hairy arm and figured it wasn’t proper to share so trust me when I say If you are not cool toned, pass this lipglass by.

I have fallen out of love with lipglasses simply because I can’t find one that looks good on me. I have sampled plenty, bought plenty, swapped plenty, but aside from All Of My Purple Life, I just can’t make it work with them.

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