MAC Prime Focus Fortified Skin Enhancer


This week’s Foundation Friday is a review of MAC Prime Focus’s Fortified skin enhancer in Adjust, and some basic information about the other shades.

What is a fortified skin enhancer? This is a multi-use product that can be used as a color corrector, a primer, and/or a UV protector. It is even great as a moisturizer.  So this product does exactly what it says, fortifies the skin.  I have been using this for two days now, but the way it makes my skin feel after applying…instant gratification.

A little bit goes a very long way, and it in fact, made my skin tone even right out, this was the peach shade enhancer.  Normally, for reference, peachy shade concealers are used to hide bluish tint to the skin (especially under the eyes). I cannot attest to whether or not if it is efficient in doing so, because I do not have dark circles (I got 5 kids, consider me blessed).

What about the other shades? This line comes in 4 colors-

Adjust- Light peach (we discussed above)

Illuminate- Pale Lavender, which is good for people with sallow complexions, this will brighten up your face!

Neutralize- Pale Yellow, which is good for concealing bruises, and toning down reddened skin

Recharge- Bronzy Orange, which is good for covering blue-tinted bruises, blue veins, anything blue! This will make it go away.





Now you may or may not be able to tell (I can) but you can see where it was applied on the skin and the glow that it gave the skin.  Now imagine that under foundation, it is a wonderful illuminator.

Where can I buy? Prime Focus is priced at $30.00USD/$36.50CDN

North America August 18, 2011 , International September 2011
at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070

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