Maintain Your Spring Break Tan With Fake Bake!

A major complaint of tanning skin is not necessarily getting the tan. That’s the easy part. There are so many products on the market that you can purchase to acquire the sun-kissed look.  But what products do you use to maintain your tan? Look no further than Fake Bake’s Gelee.

Spring break is right around the corner, which is a prequel to the summer, and I know some of you are going to be on the beach and ready to tan, or go to a salon and get a tan sprayed on, or use a do it yourself tanning product. But you are gonna have to maintain that tan right?

One problem with regular skincare products are sulfates. They contain so many, that they dry out the skin and strip the tan. With Fake Bake’s Gelee, it is designed so that it balance’s the skin’s PH to maintain moisture and extend the life of your tan.  Gelee contains  vitamins A, C and E for soft smooth, glowing skin.

Packaging- I am really digging the dark green bottle.  I love the holographic label (you guys should know by now that I love holographics).  The cap on the bottle was poorly constructed, the silver part falls right off and makes it a bother to open the bottle to get product out.  The gel is safety sealed so that was a plus, otherwise I would have encountered the stress of wasted product.

Efficiency-  I honestly did not feel this shower gel was better or worse than say any other sulfate free body wash.  Expect little to no lather with this product, which may or may not be a problem for you personally.  This body wash is concentrated the vegetable glycerin, so expect your skin to maintain moisture, and it definitely does that.

Smell- There is little to no smell.  No artificial perfumes so that is to be expected. I like that because sometimes I do not want to use a product that has an overwhelming smell so that is great!

Overall- In my opinion this product is just ‘ok’.  I do like the concept of the product, I think the vegetable glycerin is a big plus.  I also liked the lack of perfume.  I am convinced that artificial perfumes damage skin, tan maintenance aside.  The broken top was a minus for me.  There is also a little bit of information that I lacked in this review: Does this maintain a tan by the sun? Or Does this maintain an artificial tan or both?

Fake Bake Gelee is avaialble in 8oz size for $12.00

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