Make Up For Ever Pastel Perfect Picks


So about a week ago, I shared with you a beauty tutorial from Make Up For Ever on how to wrap up Spring with a nice pastel eye. If you have not decided what shade you wanted yet, here’s a great start, swatches of all 6 shades!

Make Up For Ever Pastels

1. #118- Vibrant Light Blue

2. #25- Apricot Orange Sheen

3. #116- Lilac Matte

4. #101 Lemon Shimmer

5. #57- Chartreuse Sheen

6. #88- Cotton Candy



From left to right- Cotton Candy, Chartreuse Sheen, Apricot Orange Sheen, Vibrant Light Blue, Lilac Matte, Lemon Shimmer

The mattes are cotton candy, light vibrant blue, and lilac matte

The shimmers are chartreuse sheen, apricot orange sheen, and lemon shimmer.

All of the shadows are pretty pigmented, with lemon shimmer being the least pigmented of them all. It would work great as a highlighter, or for someone cool toned as a wash of shadow over the eyes.

The shadows retail for $20 and you can pick up any of these six shades plus any of the other shades on


So about that broken Lemon Shimmer-

Ok so, apparently me and the Fed-Ex guy have beef. Cause this makes the 8th package by far that he has literally tossed on my truck. Or he will throw it at the door. He never sits my stuff down with love. I don’t complain, because that would worry me more. ‘What if he does not deliver at all?” “What if he makes sure that he breaks every single thing in the package?” So I don’t complain, I just go with the flow. besides, it’s not like I cant repress it right?

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