Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick Swatches And Review

Maybelline Master Glaze

Maybelline Master Glaze is definitely one of the new kids on the block.  Other than NYC, I haven’t seen a blush stick carried in drugstores in a very long time. So my ears perked up a little  when I found out these were being launched for Spring 2014.


Master Glaze blushes are packed in black tubes with a clear cap and the color of the label corresponds with the color of the blush stick. Remove and you will see the blush dispenses by a twist up bottom.

Only complaint I have are the bar code labels that were used to seal the top to the bottom.  You cant twist to break the little seal (or at least I couldn’t), I had to remove the little barcode label altogether. And with removing labels comes adhesive being left on the cap, which I hate.


Most important thing you should know about these blushes? NO SMELL (woooooo!!!)

The formula of the Master Glaze is super smooth and easy to apply. But as a warning, don’t get heavy-handed and don’t twist the product all the way up to apply or your blush stick might break, like one of mine did.

The texture of Master Glaze is creamy and all the blushes have a semi-matte finish with hints of a silver microglitter that is not really clear until you remove the blush from your face. With exception to Warm Nude, the presence of glitter is barely there.

The blushes have a nice staying power, I got 8 hours but as a regular reminder, I use primer and cannot live without it. All of the blushes with exception to Warm Nude are well pigmented, and even it will work better on lighter skintones.

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Sticks retail for $8.99 each. Availability is popping up in a lot of Rite Aids around the country, but not in Mississippi yet.

Swatches/Color Descriptions

10 Maybelline Master Glaze  Just Pinched pink

Just Pinched Pink is a cool toned baby pink. This is the least black girl friendly shade of the bunch.

20 Maybelline Master Glaze  Pink Fever

Pink Fever is a warmer toned bubble gum pink

30 Maybelline Master Glaze  Coral Sheen

Coral Sheen is a medium red toned coral.

40 Maybelline Master Glaze  Warm Nude

Warm Nude is a warm nudish gold.

50 Maybelline Master Glaze  Make  A Mauve

Make A Mauve is a warm red toned mauve shade.

60 Maybelline Master Glaze  Plums up

Plums Up is a deep brown toned plum, almost crossing the barrier of being a plum at all.


Maybelline Master Glaze (2) Maybelline Master Glaze (3) Maybelline Master Glaze (6) Maybelline Master Glaze (5)

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  • marciaf

    Thank you so much for mentioning right away that there’s no fragrance. I can NOT wait to find these now. I love cream blush and I’m excited to see how these are now.

    • GlitteryGlossy

      yay! I’m glad you like them!

  • Oh my, they look delicious. I wonder when we’ll have them in Romania *sigh*. I love the swatches, the perfect pictures and the way you review the products – simple and right to the point. You rock, girl.

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Thank you so much love! If I get any international deets, I promise I will share!

      • Daniela

        When we ll have in Romania??? I love it

  • I love Make a Mauve and Plums up. Thank you for swatching 🙂

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Thank you for reading!

  • Heather ツ

    <3 Just Pinched Pink and Pink Fever :O

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Go get em boo!

  • That pigmentation is amazing! Wish they were a little cheaper in my local drugstores (they are running for abou $10 here)

    • GlitteryGlossy

      ouch! But even at $10, totally worth it!

  • erikatheicyone

    These look interesting. I may try one. I don’t usually have good luck with Maybelline, tho I love the Colour Tattoos. 🙂

    Makeup companies can be so stupid with packaging, sometimes. A little rubbing alcohol will clean that nasty adhesive off of your blush tubes. 🙂

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Thanks for the tip! I will try that

  • Anastasia

    I die! These are everything I want from my blushes, and I love most of the colors. I will definitely be picking up Make a Mauve and Coral Sheen the second I spot them at my Rite Aid.

  • I saw these in CVS the other day. I wanted to pick them up so bad! I wish they were cruelty free. Your swatches make them look great.

    • GlitteryGlossy


  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    So many pretty shades in here! Wow!

  • BeautyJudy

    Thanks for your review. I’ve been on the fence about these because I’m not great at applying stick blush! But some of these shades are pretty

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I have to make a guide for you then! It’s very easy!

  • Mai

    I’m stoked for your review, I was wondering about the finish of the blushes so I’m glad you mentioned it. I do think they’re a bit squatty looking but it’s good that they’re so pigmented!

  • TinaBowling

    I absolutely cannot wait to find these in store. Blush sticks have been a long-time favorite beauty product, thanks for the swatches!

  • Ange

    I can’t wait for these to hit stores here!!! I am in love already. Yours are the first swatches I’ve seen and they’re SO pretty!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Those look so great! My drugstores get things dead last… I will be lucky to find these at all!

  • Farryn

    These are awesome!

  • I picked up a couple of these because the pigments looked better than just a wash of color. Now to photograph the little boogers and use ’em!

    • GlitteryGlossy

      I cant wait to see your swatches!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    These look fabulous. I hope to see them soon in HI. I like pink fever and coral sheen.

  • I’ll probably pick up one or two of these. They look cute! I haven’t seen a drugstore blush like this lately.

  • Betzy Carmona

    I haven’t seen them in stores yet ! But I want a few of those

  • Suzanne

    These are pretty!

  • These look absolutely beautiful – great pics!

    • GlitteryGlossy

      Thank you!

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    I have been in love with Maybelline for so long. They have outstanding products.

  • Amber

    The mauve is especially gorgeous! They look really pigmented!

  • Caitlin Summar

    I wonder, if pale skinned me could use the warm nude as bronzer?

  • Great swatches. =D

  • My_Opinion35

    Thank you so much for all of the swatches..I was hesitant on the “dark plum” b/c it didn’t look plum to me. Sometimes things apply differently though – Your swatch helped a ton – I was right, not really too plum looking! Otherwise I already had “make a mauve” and it’s one of my favorite cream blushes – great pigmentation and color, easy application. I apply that one more than my high end cream blushes. This just helped me to decide on the other 2 I’ll be picking up…thank you!

    • GlitteryGlossy

      You are very welcome! <3