Milani Runway Eyes Complementary #18 Swatches And Review


Milani recently added a few new products to their lineup and Milani Runway Eyes, Complementary #18 was one of those additions to the Runway Eyes Collection.

To be perfectly honest, the Runway eyes collection has always been hit or miss for me, because the pigmentation and sometimes be a bit disappointing.  Nevertheless, I went into this review unbiased, and just said to myself ‘Since these are new, maybe they changed the pigmentation too’.

Check out my thoughts

Complementary #18 palette is composed of six colors- a vanilla shaded color, brown, copper, aqua blue, green and pink. The palette is a pretty good size.

Ease of Use

I never really cared for the strips layout, but I have no problem with the use of them. Now if you have huge eyeshadow brushes, yes you will have a problem. Smaller brushes work fine, and eyeliner brushes.


Not that great, and primer didn’t help either. Picking up color is not a breeze so for these swatches, one swipe would barely show up. So I have to saw over the strips a few time to get decent payoff.  That’s disappointing.

Below is a photo- The top no primer, the bottom Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray. As you can see, even with primer, not much difference was made.

With or without primer, the formula fades fast.



The texture of the shadows is silky and smooth.


If you want to purchase this palette, it is available for $8.99 in most drugstores, or you can get more information on Milani’s Website.

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  • Wow, it seems like they don't have much pigmentation. The copper and the blue look so pretty in the package. How disappointing.