Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow- Primary Swatches and Review

Brand– Milani
Product– Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow: Primary
Price- $8.99
Availability– most drug stores, visit Milani’s site for more information


Texture– Powder shadow with a silky finish
Finish– silky, shimmer
Staying power– Lasts up to 12 hours with a primer (Benefit Stay Don’t Stray), 2-3 hours without.
Pigmentation– When swiping with the finger, pigmentation is poor.  When swiping with a brush, pigmentation is equally as bad. When using the sponge-tip applicator that comes with the palette, pigmentation is excellent. Be careful not to wipe too hard with the applicator, it will break the strips.
Additional thoughts– I’ve always had a problem with sponge applicators, so who knew that this one would be heaven sent! When I reviewed the other palette, Complementary, I did not used the applicator I used a brush. The brush didn’t pick up enough product for me to photograph, so I ended up using my finger.

I like the palette for an alternative to colorful liners, but would I use it often? Probably not. I prefer brushes over sponge applicators and the brush does not pick up enough color and it’s hard to maneuver over the strips.



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