Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner


Milani added some new eyeliners to their growing collection- Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner. These ultrafine felt tip applicators promise long lasting,smudge-proof bold and shiny results. The new line includes five shades. Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts on the new liners.


When I think about these liners, I have to think about the Color Play felt tip liners that were released last year. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it indeed, so I am a little confused as to why they strayed from the Color Play liners and created this line. So you will see me compare/contrast against the Color Play liners A LOT in this review.

First up is the packaging. Ultrafine liners are larger than Colorplay, at 0.058 fl oz vs 0.02 on Colorplay. The opening of these liners is screw-top vs. Colorplay with a much easier top that just pops off. The color of the tube associates with  the color of the liner and the outside of the tube is written in gold writing. I have no complaints about holding the tube or opening or closing.

The pigmentation on the liners is intense, with the blue and the green being a tad watery when I swatched on my hand. The swatches on my hand are not as accurate as when you apply it on your eye. The results on the eye are much better, well pigmented, and shimmery.

The tip on these liners are not as fine as Colorplay, but are still very easy to maneuver and they are still versatile.

The liners have a shiny plastic like finish with a hit of iridescent glitter, with exception to black vinyl, with has no glitter. After about 4 hours, you will notice the first thing to go is the glitter, leaving the color behind. I did not experience fading until about 8 hours. There was no smudging and they do not rinse off with water. It was a chore applying to the waterline, and it came right off after applying, so I would not recommend bothering with tightlining or waterlining.

They are very easy to use- simply shake the tube first and then line. Shaking allows the pigments and glitters to mix well and better results on your lids.

The colors included in the collection are-


Emerald Glisten– Emerald green with iridescent glitter.

Black Gems– Shiny black with iridescent glitter.

Prismatic Purple– medium purple with iridescent glitter.

Black Vinyl– black with shiny finish

Sparkling Turquoise– light cerulean blue with iridescent glitter.

These liners retails for $7.49 and can be found on and everywhere else Milani products are sold, like CVS and Walgreens.




Sparkling Turquoise


Emerald Glisten


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