Montagne Jeunesse, a skin care company based out of the UK, has released a new line of masks that renew the skin while you sleep- Renew You Pure Oils Sleep Spa. These masks are made with 100% bamboo and essential oils. While you are sleeping, their natural ingredients are working overnight to bring you healthy beautiful skin. Best part? No need to wash your sheets. Sounds promising right? Let’s check out my review and essential things you need to know about this mask.

To mask or not to mask?

First off, do you need to add a mask to your skincare routine? Well that depends. Here’s a few points you should consider:

  • Every skincare routine needs a boost- Think of your skin like your hair. You wash it, condition it and you have a routine to style and take care of it. But everyone once in a while, you need a deep conditioner. Think you this mask, or any other mask as a deep conditioner for you skin. It gives your skin a boost.
  • Deep down action- masks nourish, cleanse, remove impurities and keep the skin healthy and vibrant,
  • It removes the bad stuff- masks remove dead skin cells and unclogs pores. This helps your hydrating products work better.
  • Stimulate circulation- masks now are composed of nothing but oils, so when you are done wearing the mask, you simply massage those oils in. When done correctly, you drain the lympatic system and improve circulation giving your face a nice rosy glow.
  • It’s easy- It takes no work to pop on a mask, relax, remove and massage a little oil in. Simple.

What’s in the mask?

Well there are more than a few essential oils in this mask, but let’s highlight the important ones:

  • Argan Oil- this miracle oil sourced from the ‘Tree of life’ protects, nourishes, and promotes excellent moisture retention, helping to replenish the skin’s hydro-lipid layer.
  • Baobab Oil- Another highly moisturising and hydrating oil that absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging the pores, replenishes and improves elasticity
  • Bamboo Fiber- This fiber is filled with micro-gaps and micro-holes making it ideal  for moisture absorption and ventilation allowing the skin to breathe and retail moisture. This fiber is 100% natural and bio-degradable.

How to use:

  1. Set the mood- dim the lights, make up your bed, or your couch, or your favorite chair before you get ready to go to bed.
  2. Cleanse your face- use a gentle facial cleanser to remove any surface impurities.
  3. Snuggle- get under your favorite blanket, play some mood music to help you relax
  4. Apply the mask
  5. Relax for 10 minutes
  6. Remove the mask
  7. Massage the oil into the skin
  8. Don’t wash!
  9. Good night!

10. Wake up flawless

My thoughts

And wake up flawless is exactly what I did. The Pure Oils Sleep Spa mask has a very light and fresh fragrance that’s not overpowering. You will enjoy wearing it. Application of the mask was very simple, just open the packet, gently unfold it and pop it right on your face. The oil is not heavy or extremely greasy. When it’s time to remove the mask, the oil absorbs right in leaving the skin with an undeniable glow. I promise that I am going to incorporate this mask into my weekly skin care routine. Montagne Jeunesse masks have always been the bee’s knees, but this may be my greatest discovery from the brand ever.

Here’s a shot of my face before, excuse me hair, I’m having a moment:


Here’s a shot wearing the mask:

photo 2

Here’s a shot after, the next morning:

photo 3



Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Masks are now available in the US Ulta Stores for $14.99. It includes 4 mask skin treatments.

Win it!

Now I want you to win a pack of your own! Simply comment below and tell me about your current skin care routine. You must comment about your skin care routine PLEASE. US Only, ends July 17, 2014






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