My Very Brief Hiatus+My Valentine’s Day Gift+ Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winner!!

I have not been regular at blogging lately because my computer has been acting a fool. I bought a Sony Vaio back in 2010 and that’s what I have been using to blog but guess what? It does not have as much RAM on it as I need, it runs really hot and I have been looking at a new computer for about two months now. I thought about a touch screen computer like the Surface, but for one reason or another, I just do not trust the interface on a computer like that. I looked into Ultrabooks, but they do not have optical drives and they have less memory to store photos and music and I need my music.

So I decided I would get a regular ole laptop with more RAM and more storage.  I made my final decision and that was a HP Envy. I have more USB ports now, and they are all 3.0, I still have my HDMI port, 6GB of RAM, lots of storage space, backlit keyboard and Windows 8. It’s pretty sweet. We can thank Mr. GGG for this, because it ended up being my Valentine’s Day gift (and a dozen roses).

HP envy m6

Now that I have my computer, that means more storage and more productivity. But not so fast. I do not know a thing about Windows 8. It’s cute and all but honestly? WHERE’S MY START BUTTON! And more importantly, where’s my Windows Live Writer? I do not draft blog posts in the WordPress dashboard, so that’s one reason why I have not blogged much. Anyway, after 12 hours of cursing, getting angry, and internet research, I found Windows Live Writer (yay).  Now I can blog, and I can pick a winner for that sweet contest I did yesterday.

Thanks to everyone that entered. It makes me happy when I can do little things like giveaway stuff here and there, and to be honest, I have tons more to giveaway, but I have some organizing to do, and then you guys would probably get a giveaway from me once a week. So let’s pray for me to stop being lazy.

The winner of the Valentine’s Day Giveaway is Renee H. I hope the dinner your husband cooked last night was yummy and I hope the movie you guys watched was great! I sent you an email, so respond and send back your address Smile


Thanks everyone for another great giveaway and stay tuned until my next blog entry!

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